San Carlos to Puerto Penasco June 15 - 22 2005

Monday June 20
Light wind motor sail to Bahia Tepoca (56 Nms across). 20 miles out we finally had our first whale sighting. Some very close to the boat but no cameras ready. Huge (8') rays also jumping in the area. We stood ready with cameras and of course nothing more.

Arriving in Tepoca at 5:30 with no wind and it's hot. Hanging in the water cooled us down for some sightseeing. Cool old houses on stilts. Hammocks hanging under them and some locals keeping cool. Mixture of rundown American homes and local fishing families. Looks to be 30-40 homes active. Local store had light supplies. Talking to Terry an American married to a local lady, said his father in law (store owner) makes runs for supplies every 2 todays and brings in what people need. The store also had a public (locals) TV area where children were gathered.

The pride of Tepoca is their lighthouse. It was build about 3 years ago. We were lucky and it was open with a local family at the top lookout. A long walk to the point where it sets and then probably 100 steps to the top. We need the exercise!. Below you can see view from atop the lighthouse point. Gato Loco set in the far bay on the right. Homes on both N & S of the point and rapping aroung the far bay.


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The light is solar powered with reflect glass ribs to focus and refect the light. Interesting as I am reading the Jimmy Buffett book "A Salty Pice of Land" about lighthouses.

South bay offers little protection from the south. Sometime during the night some light chop rocked the anchorge. We did note a small anchorage area NE of the lighthouse that would offer better protection from southern seas.

Tuesday June 21 (summer solstice)
Last look at Tepoca as Bill heads us north to Penasco (5:30 AM ouch!). Winds out of the SSW at 10 at 11:30 and we are making 8kts with the help of a 1 1/2 kt current. After 2 PM it will be working againist us. Current ETA for Penasco is 5 PM. Another cruise almost over, you're happy to get back and see everybody but will miss the daily adventure!!

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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