San Carlos to Puerto Penasco June 15 - 22 2005

Ok, this sets the mood for our easy sail to the Bay of LA. Unfortunately our route was down wind with light breezes most of the way. Spinnaker finally up 1ish causing lots of distractions for our hearts games. Walt continues to kick ass. Bill & I aren't sure we want to play any more! Arriving in the Bay of LA area brought stronger winds allowing us to do our traditional spinnaker ride into Guillermo's. Guillermo apparently motored by us in the channel and wanted to talk sea stories as we arrived at his beach bar. Our fish story from yesterday got his attention. First order of business for him was to get the GPS coordinates for the tuna we caught. He was ready to buy any tuna for the restaurant. During this discussion we also had our traditional 2 granda margaritas loosing most of our motivation for the day..

After working with GlobalStar yesterday to get sat phone operation their internet gateway phone # is not working today. Guillermo gave me a ride to the e-cafe. Two margs didn't leave me in the best condition to send emails! Hope it made it!. Back at Guillermo's for dinner and back to the boat for some hearts before crashing.

Sunday June 19

Early morning today... fishing boats started launching at sunrise and we're anchored to close (so much for sleeping late). Off for provisions before heading to Puerto Refugio 38 kms north. We need food, water and some gas to ensure we make it to Penasco.
Hitched ride to the Pemix on north side of town. Gas no longer available at ponga station.

We're heading north in the channel between Isla Angel de la Guarda where Baja tidal currents can be huge. We started with good wind while Walt reeled in a yellowtail for dinner. Ran spinnaker until 2 when winds went flat and a 2 1/2 kt current on our nose forced some serious motoring. We' er going to find some tidal infor for future trips. 2 1/2 kt going our way would be much better. Arriving in Refugio we talked to a boat down from Penasco. Family of 5 who have a house in Cholla and keep their boat at Mr. Fish.

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Anchored south end of east bay Puerto Refugio.

Water clarity not as good for snorkeling as Salsipuedes but much warmer. Hit the beach for some exercise.

Lots of cliff erosion, I would guess from Hurricane Marty. I heard she came from the north with an almost direct hit here.

Monday June 20

Headed across to Bahia Tepoca at 7 after some morning swimming. Light winds from the north. Expecting a shift from SW for a broad reach hopefully fast cruise back to the Sonoran coast. 56 kms indicated on GPS. We're hoping to arrive in time to go ashore and explore. We've been here once before but didn't have time to check it out.

If you get this email you know we have the Sat phone up and working again.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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