San Carlos to Puerto Penasco June 15 - 22 2005

Wednesday June 22
Actually I'm writing this Saturday (25th). We all got very busy as we arrived back in Puerto Penasco. The last of our sailing on Tuesday was excellent with good down wind spinnaker winds all afternoon. We set the spinnaker at 12:30 and pulled it down as we approached the Penasco channel entrance at 5:30

We pushed our route to the east to get a closer look at Bird Island as we headed north. Bird Island sets 25 Nms south east of Penasco and is a good dive destination with a friendly sea lion population. Looking back on this last leg, our heading from Teboca was perfect for a fast broad reach or down wind sail. Tepoca is 72Nms from Penasco and is easily reachable in daylight hours. I'm sure we'll use this route many times in the future. The exception would be when there are strong southern seas.

Back in Puerto Penasco

More new homes appearing on the mountains on the south side of the Penasco point.

Pier side restaurant on the malican near harbor entrance.

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Red above was our last two days route.

Our friend Anita who is now working in real estate full time in Cholla picked us up at Marina Penasco as we arrive. Her sister and friend from North Carolina joined us for drinks and dinner.

Shrimpers setting in Penasco harbor.

Lots of things to do at the house in Cholla Bay before heading to Phoenix on Wednesday (welcome back to reality). Bill and Walt headed to Phoenix very early Wednesday morning. I arranged a mid morning ride with Anita as she dropped off her guests in Phoenix . We meet Frankie 2ish and my god it's hot in Phoenix! I want to go back to the sea!

Well, That will be it from this narley crew! Hope you enjoyed the the ride. Gato Loco will be resting in Penasco until late fall when another adventure will surely develop.

Until the next cruise stay cool… The Gato Loco Crew


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