Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

Apr 27


Pulled anchor at 7 and headed south. Actually to head south from Conception’s Coyote Bay you need to sail north 10 mile around Punta Conception and turn south. Today is a full sailing day so we had our coffeé’s and breakfast after making way. The bday girl had prune yogurt with her granola (yep she’s 50). Winds light on our nose as we head north and we’re motoring to make the point in good time. Winds still light (6kts) as we turn the corner and head south.

Until today we hadn’t seen much sea life but today was a good day. Lots of dolphins are feeding while heading south most are ignoring us but finally after sailing through a pod they get in a playful mood. Checkout this shoot, the highest one must be eight feet in the air. Can’t believe I got that shot.

As you can see Bob had a huge fight with a 25lb skip jack. It took 20 minutes and I had to maneuver the boat to help. We were hoping for a tuna.

Winds remained lighter most of the day and clocked to the ESE as we approached Punta Pulpito 12 miles north of San Juanico where we anchored for the night. We took the southern most anchorage in the main bay to protect us from the now southerly winds. Our arrival was in time to explore the beaches and we found some nice treasures.



Bob and his 1st big catch in the Sea of Cortez.

Overcast most of the day with another brilliant sunset..

Chris and Bob are now hearts players so I’m finishing this email early Thursday morning due to the late night card games..

We’re off to Puerto Escondido and Loreto Fest today.

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Shelling in south bay of San Juanico


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