Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

Apr 26


Mulege fishing fleet at dusk.

Woke to a very low tide with only 3ft under us but still floating. Mulege river channel always has lots of early morning fishing boat traffic and this morning was no exception. Weather is still cooler and we’re snuggled in blankets so boats racing by dosen't seem to bother us in the early morning. We finally woke 9ish to start Bday activities. Seagulls seem to be serenading Chris this morning while we have pancakes off the grill (ain’t that special)…

Another day with the wind at our back as we head south into Conception Bay. 6kts as we start south, up to 16kts as to tack to starboard heading into Coyote Bay where the famous Ray,s Beach restaurant sets on a white sands of playa Santispac. 16kts runs everybody off the bow as the boat hits 9kts and spray shoots off the bows.

Only three other cruising boats in the area which seems light compared to past trips. Weather feeling warmer and I finally braved going in the water for a swim to find water temp not so bad.

We made an early visit to Rays to make sure all is well for tonight’s birthday dinner (menu looks great and Chris already has her desert picked out (Kahlua rice pudding with fresh strawberries)..

After talking to another boat crew (Tom and Norma) we find that they were serious Hobie racers for years and are good friends with the legendary Ted & Sue Lindley. Sounds like they’ve raced in the Hobie worlds many times.

Dinner was excellent again this visit. Tom and Norma joined us to welcome Chris to the AARP gang. Ray made sure every detail was perfect including the Kahlua rice pudding with a candle.

tromping on some seashells

Happy Birthday Chris!!



Bartender made Bloody-Marys for the crew

Off to Ray’s Place for dinner.

Kahlua rice pudding (yum)

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