Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

Apr 25


Chris and Frankie relaxing on the foredeck as we sail downwind to Mulege 10 kms south.


What a difference a day makes. Last night was beautiful and CALM. Temps on the cool side making great sleeping, just what the crew needed after yesterday’s crossing. That tuna we mentioned at San Carlos was perfect. Before heading to Mulege today we went to shore to visit the La Pasada de Flora resort on the point. This is one of three Italian resorts on Baja. We stayed at the one in Loreto last year.


Same elegant style but add serenity with beautiful ocean landscapes. Talked to German exchange employee and got the details. The Italian owner (young lady) was actually there..

The cruise to Mulege was a pleasant down wind sail in 10kts and flat seas. The ladies appreciated it a lot.

Made Mulege in time to finish the tuna for lunch. Only 3.8ft of water as we entered the river basin inside the lighthouse without touching the bottom. Anchored in 4.7ft of water near the Mulege fishing fleet. Lots of entertainment with boats bringing their daily catch. One panga bought a ~25lb tuna for sale. Dave, everybody must be catching tuna.

Motored to ramp and went to Hotel Serenidad to check it out and get a taxi to Mulege for sightseeing (mission, prison & village shopping). Taxi driver gave us a good riverside tour back to the boat on the south side of the river.

Went back to Serenidad for dinner. We recommend the “Mulege style” shrimp or scallops (if you like butter!!).

Got to get some rest as tomorrow is the Big birthday for Chris.

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River rats as we motor up the Mulege river

Gato anchored outer river basin in Mulege

Mulege light house


Hotel Serenidad private runway at hotel entrance  


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