Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

Apr 24


Homes overlooking outer San Carlos Bay as we leave for Baja.


Weather patterns in Arizona/California affecting us in San Carlos. Saturday afternoon winds were gusting to 25kts. Our plans to move to an anchorage before sunset were scrapped as wind gusts seemed to accelerate after sunset.  A live band at the restaurant continued to remind us that we wanted to move to a quiet anchorage for a good nights rest. Finally 9ish winds backed and we motored out of the marina under a full moon and marina lights. Lights from mountainside homes make it a very pleasant ride to the outer bay. Unfortunately, by the time we set the anchor winds are back up and our first anchor set on the rocky bottom didn’t hold. Finally near mid-night we get a set that is holding. So much for a restful night!

Call us crazy but we headed for Mulege today. Weather’s a little cooler, clear skies and wind out of the north at 16kts. Seas not to big after winds had dropped about 2 AM. We made way a little before 6 AM. Winds on starboard broad-reach and we’re making 9.5kts. Baja here we come! Mulege is 80 km SSW with lots of opportunities for sailing conditions to change and change they did. First seas  built to 6’ after clearing Isla San Pedro ~10 km off shore. This didn’t set well with the birthday girl (she ended up sleeping most of the crossing). Mid way things began getting more challenging. Winds peaked at 26kts and huge roller sets with waves 12-15’. These things are huge and we had to carefully steer up and over them. Bob helped with the steering which helped how he felt. As we approached Baja the islands north of us eased the wave size. We decided to go to Punta Chivato to shorten the trip and get Chris back on her feet. San Carlos to Punta Chivato in under 9 hours average speed of 8kts.

After setting anchor in smooth water, Chris made a quick recovery. A walk on the beach was the topper for the day. We’re still telling war stories of today’s adventurous crossing. Chris and Bob definitely experienced the Sea of Cortez in full. We hope to have the rest of the trip a little calmer!!

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Helmsman Bob 

Our all star crew today in the challenging conditions

 After sharing her food with the fish (good recovery)


Punta Chivato resorts (10 miles north of Mulege)


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