Gato Loco Sailing – Birthdays in San Carlos.

April 4 – April 8,   2005

April 6th

Birthday girl relaxing with Neely.


Another breezy day for Frankie’s birthday. Winds quieted last night but were back up by 9:30 this morning as we sailed out of San Carlos. Our destination was Bahia San Padro. Wind on our nose at 20kts and 5 foot seas made for a rough ride. Neely was a bit nervous (an under statement) so we opted to head in to Bahia Algodones where Club Med use to be near the Catch 22 beach just 5 miles out of San Carlos. Checking out the anchorage near Club Med we found flat water but very exposed to north winds that continued to build. Not as I planed for Frankie’s birthday. We decided to make it easy on all of us and head back to Martini cove at the entrance for San Carlos outer bay. Winds hitting 25 and it’s only 11 AM. Gato Loco surfing as we head down wind hitting 12kts running down the face of waves. This is fun compared to pounding in to these waves and everybody is smiling including Neely.

Martini cove is totally sheltered and we went into the relax mode after an exhilarating morning. Beach combing, lounging and great dinner tonight. Just what the birthday girl wanted.  By the way, Neely is doing fine and is enjoying the boat lounging.


We will have to see what tomorrow brings to see what our plans will be.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew


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