Gato Loco Sailing – Birthdays in San Carlos.

April 4 – April 8,   2005

April 5th

Gato Loco setting in front of the Marina café.


Hello from Lowell, Frankie and Neely in San Carlos. Birthday week plans changed a little with Tom and Marilyn staying in Phoenix to look after Marilyn’s health. We picked up a new crew member with 4 legs. Yes, Neely our golden retriever is on the cruise with us.

Happy birthday to Lowell, Tom and Frankie.


Our week started with some time in Cholla Bay over the past weekend with friends both Saturday and Sunday nights. Yesterday (Monday) we drove from Cholla to San Carlos via the border to pickup an auto permit (about an 8 hour trip with the slow service at the permit office). Should be 2 hours shorter when we go back this weekend directly to Cholla.

Today we got our cruising permit and were ready to head out but two things came up. Neely got a hold of some bad tacos and was running to the parking lot all night last night to take care of business. We need to stabilize this so I’m not running to shore in the dingy all night. However, the main reason is the wind is blowing today (gusts in the low 30s). With the light crew we plan to hang at the marina until things lighten up. It’s 5:30 PM now and the boat is swinging from the wind blasts. Hoping for better conditions tomorrow morning since it is Frankie’s birthday and it would be great have a nice sailing day.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew


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