Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 2nd

May 1st is a Mexican holiday with many things closed in Santa Rosalia. We hope to pass back through on our way back to San Carlos to see more. Monday night we anchored in SweetPee on the NW end of Isla San Marcos as recommended by Toby at Marina Santa Rosalia. Cool night and our first deluxe meal on board. Fishing camps in many of the coves near us with pangas coming in at nightfall. Two shrimpers are anchored in the cove just south. Huge ship motors south before sunset heading for the Gypson mine on the SW end of the island. Another "on mexican time" morning as we sleep late. Water now warm enough for swimming so the crew jumps in for some exercise. Today we motor north to clear the north end of the island and get to clear air quicker. Good News.. we are greeted with wind out of the SE not detectable from our anchorage.

Tuesday morning 10:14am (central) rounding the north end of Isla San Marcos heading for Mulege. Winds out of the SE @ 7kts. Temp 70 and a little humid with slightly overcast skies. We discover our wind vane speed indicator has one arm missing. How do we interpret wind speeds?? Is the reading 33% lower?

Winds continue to build as we head south. By the time we get to Punta Chivato winds at 18kts (or is it 27?, Feels like 20). Mulege by 4ish.

Bill and Vicki at sunset.

Huge line of dolphin catch us from behind.

Missing arm on wind vane.

Early morning treat as dolphin zoom past

Winds still blowing as we get to the Mulege estuary channel. Medium tide, hope we have enough water to get in. Frankie reading depths off 5, 4.6, 4, 3.8, yikes, 4.1 relief.... Smooth water, anchored in 4.6feet. Heading to hotel Serenidad to catch a cab to Mulege a mile up river.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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