Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 16th (I think)

On Mexican Time "big time" as we lost track of days. Ok, after some research, I've determined it's Tuesday May 16. 12 noon, we are motoring out in to Coyote Bay from our anchorage of the past two nights at playa El Burro the location of Bertha's restaurant/Cantina and the home of "beach bum extraordinairre" Geary. More on that later.

Today we are heading to Mulege 20 miles north, temp is low 80s and is feeling cooler as we get into the open Conception Bay with wind building from the E/NE still only 5 kts. Were hoping for a repeat of our sail into Conception where the afternoon breezes kicked up to 18kts giving us a good ride to the Coyote bay region for Conception. 12:30 PM, sail up and 8kt breeze on our nose as we sail north out of Conception. No joy, we had winds out of the E on our way in. Looks like we're tacking our way out. That will be Steve's crew duty :).

We meet Geary last year at Loreto Fest reading his poetry to the fest before the musical entertainment. Quite a character. We rowed in to his palapa (club el burro) yesterday after he finished reporting weather on the 7:30 am Sonrisa ham net to visit a little. One of his poems (from the CD he gave us) lyrically tells the saga of him moving to El Burro after giving his 3rd wife the house in San Fran some 15 years ago. He generously offers free wireless internet to the neighbors and any boats that anchored near his house. We found that he played a bag-pipe version of "amazing grace" every morning at 8AM on loud speakers for the enjoyment of everybody. I have to admit it put a smile on our face everyday.

Yesterday was a gunkholing day with no wind until until 3ish. We snorkeled Isla Coyote, cruised the beachs off shore and anchored and went to shore at Playa Conception where there are sizeable homes on the beach and cliffs (see photo opposite). While ashore winds filled in and by the time we got back to the boat they were blowing 18 out of the north giving us a hot ride through Santispac back to El Burro 5 miles south.

As we anchored the next adventure of the day started as a May-Day came out of Playa Santispac (where we had just had our hot sail from) about a missing swimmer in the big winds and resulting rough seas. After listening the the situation unfold on the radio we pulled anchor and join the search. An hour later he was reported okay back at his camp after apparently swimming some distance to a shore and walking a long distance back to his people.

Now if you're wondering about this photo and my tough hiking duty?. These are our friends from "Cool Change" mis-named "Cool Runner" in my last update in San Sabastian. Christi next to me is Wes's wife the owners of Cool Change. Lorie & Emily as well as Christi and Wes are are emergency medical professionals from the Summit Colorado area. Not bad hiking partners.


Playa El Burro from the butte in the photo below. After the sun went behind the mountain yesterday I radioed Cool Change to see if anybody was interested in a hike. Wes replied only the ladies if I could handle it.. Pegleg Steve and guys from Cool Change couldn't make it. Someone has to go..

Trail to summit above El Burro and Playa Conception on the back side.

Petroglyphs on rocks along the trails as we head up to the summit.

Playa Conception from the summit & Playa Santispac behind the point.

Last night after the hike the Cool Change crew & Shawn from Omshanti had a nice evening at Bertha's with too many drinks and excellent fish, Shrimp, Scallops & Beef brochettes. Christi and I feed our beef to Tucker their golden who waited patently as we finished our dinner. We will probably see Wes & Christi in Cholla someday.

3PM Tuesday, we put the hook down in the estuary channel of Mulege. Winds piped up as we hoped, 22 out of the NE off Punta Conception. Beautiful sail to Mulege...

Bill & Vicki Fishing report..

After not getting the damn thing wet for two days we tried for the big one as we headed out of Conception. No luck. Reports of Dorado and Cabrilla being caught off Mulege on the radio, so stand by for the next report...

Until the Next Update. The Gato Loco Crew..

Cool Change crew bid us goodbye as we head out of Playa El Burro

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