Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 17th

12:30 PM Wed, Motor sailing north toward Punta Chivato distination Santa Rosilia, winds building from the E at 8kts at the moment. We should go to "sail only" shortly after clearing the Chivato point. Weather was pleasantly cooler in Mulege than in Conception Bay. We had winds off Baja all night making it pleasant night to sleep, although we didn't get much as we liked thanks to the Suns double OT win over the Clips. We almost gave it up after the first OT and took a little time to chill after the win.

Steve and I motored over the Mulege shoal at high tide 3pm Tuesday with plenty of water, a welcome change from our early shallow exit on the front side of the cruise. We took advantage of the extreme high tide at sundown to motor by dinghy up the river all the way in to Mulege, a mile and half inland. Not much changes from the waterfront but there are many well kept american homes with docks and small fishing boats geared to navigate the shallow entrance.

Fishing pangas at sunsets during our walk to El Patron for dinner.

Steve rated our El Patron dinner an A+ maybe influenced by the drinks we started the evening with?? We had fish ceviche, fish tacos and chipolte scallops all highly recommended.


We checked out Bed & Breakfast Casa Granada on our morning walk Wed just a short distance from the anchorage on the south side of the river ( Looks like an interesting place to stay on the river. A short distance further up river we found the Hotel Sirena Cafe with meal service & fast internet including a connection for your laptop. Another good find. Met 2 guys from Germany & France who were looking for advice on destinations. Conception Bay was our advice.

5 PM Wed, We set the anchor in front of Marina San Rosilia after motoring by to see if there were any end-ties available. Only one slip open so we anchored in front with a small trimaran. Afternoon winds were steady from the east at 9kts. With a single engine kicker we made good way to San Rosilia. Not much wind in the marina and we were glad when the sun retreated behind the higher peaks. Got checked in/out for early San Carlos departure tomorrow by cruiser Toby again. Steve enjoyed talking to him about his hurricane Marty experience at El Burro Beach. Yes Yes, I'm the one that locked the only key to the ice freezer in the freezer (I guess it felt a little warm). They will have to cut the lock off tomorrow.. Steve and I walked 2 gas cans to the Pemex station for gas and found the usual long line. What do you do when you hand carry cans?? Stand in line with the cars?? After a few line advances the attendant waved us up and slipped us in fairly quickly getting his tip he anticipated.

Shot of Marina Santa Rosilia as we head to dinner. A little site seeing for Steve, his knee is still acting up so not too much. Had dinner in a nice restaurant where we saw a group of sailors from the marina eating. Most were eventually heading to San Carlos but one boat planned on spending the summer in the Bay of LA area (their 6th summer).

6:30 AM Thursday, pulled anchor at 6:15 and starting the crossing to San Carlos our last leg of this cruise. light breeze (5kts) from the north. 73 nautical miles and some clouds in front of us. No boo-whoos in this update... Better send this update while we have cell service.

Until the Next Update. The Gato Loco Crew..

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