Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 10th

9:30am Wed. After some work to free anchor chain from the reef we pull anchor with plans of sailing to the north end of Isla Carmen to a small anchorage called Vee Cove that Ralph suggested. Sonrisa ham net forecasts light winds today. While waiting for wind we will motor to the channel south of Carmen to get cell coverage and send an update since it's been few days since sending and receiving email.

Nice sleeping breeze overnight after having sunset munchies with Ralph/Helen(Moondancer) & Joe/Joan(Mariah) and a late dinner yesterday (Tuesday). We spent the day exploring the reefs in the area The best we found was on the NW corner of Isla Monserrate. Like an aquarium and 150' visibility. The very small islands just north have been reported as great diving and fishing however officially no fishing is allowed which probably explains the conditions. We heard of both lobster and yellowtail taken by boats in the anchorage. We would recommend this area but study up on where the reefs are.

It's been a week and a half on the boat and the crew routines have settled in. Lots of books read and passed along, many hearts and backgammon games logged in the note pad. Dolphin/sea life sightings need to be special before we are interested. We're all water dogs, enjoying hiting the water for a swim when possible. Frankie has read her share of books and continues to study her Spanish. She is now thinking a lot about Neely our dog left home and how Neely will react when she arrives home this Saturday after two weeks away. Vicki seems to enjoy the cruise and is no longer bothered by seasickness. She seems to enjoy the galley and relishes fixing us meals. Best I can tell Bill and her have found a good space. Bill is now toastie brown from sunbathing on the foredeck and reading. He's likes to focus lots of attention on the boat, cleaning and sailing when winds allow. Bill and I spend time with the cruising guides and charts seeing where "On Mexican Time" will lead us. I'm the techie on board and play with the toys and not finding as much time to read as the others. Frankie and I have taken 4Gb of photos that I browse for update material. I found the local Sonrisa net today so something new to listen to in the early mornings. Tomorrow Rick and Steve will join us and will add to the crew chemistry for a day & half overlap before Frankie, Bill & Vicki fly north on Saturday morning.

May 11th

We found Vee Cove very special and our favorite anchorage so far. We anchored in 15' of light turquoise water with white sandstone cliffs on our sides and a small white beach ashore as we arrived 4ish. A 40' cat "Shea La Vi" was leaving the anchorage as we arrived and gave us a good report and told us about big fish on the side walls. The cove is only 100 meters wide and we have it all to our selves. Water is warm and the visibility is the best yet (Paradise). The only down side is no protection from the north but the weather report is favorable.
Everybody hits the water after anchoring. It's an aquarium under and we took some interesting photos. We found small and large eels which give me the creeps in wall crevices. If we can't catch dinner here we're not fishermen. We cheated... No luck with the fishing pole so Bill took the spear gun and got two flounder for dinner.

Lots of sea caves on in both anchorage walls. Dolphin feed most of the evening just at the opening of the anchorage.

Dolphin flying outside out anchorage and today they come into the anchorage.

12 noon. We pulled anchor and motor west along north shore of Carmen. The dolphin continue to be the big show. I'm a little depressed about photos misses. We had a large pod on our bow when they started jumping in pairs 8' out of the water. My camera was apart downloading and by the time I recovered the show was over. The visual was awesome but haunts me since I missed the shot. Pulling into Puerto Ballandra for lunch before heading to Loreto to pickup Steve. Received email today that Rick will not make it so it will be a crew of 2 (Lowell & Steve) as we head north next week.

Until the Next Update. The Gato Loco Crew..
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