Ricardo & Yvette’s San Carlos Cruise.

April 14 – 19,   2005


East shore of San Carlos outer bay.


The cruise started off on an auspicious start as we were scheduled to depart Phoenix on America’s Worst airline to Guaymas, We checked in 2 hours early, obtained our seat assignments, went and ate lunch at Blue Burrito, came back to the gate only to be told that the flight was overloaded (too much weight) and that we were most likely to be pulled from the flight if there were no passengers willing to volunteer to go on a later flight (the next day)! Fortunately the pilot recalculated the planes weight and balance and we were able to make the flight. Upon arrival at Marina San Carlos I found it hard to believe that I hadn’t seen Gato Loco since late last year (it was an excellent year for snowboarding). After opening the boat up and stowing our gear it was “happy hour”. We then proceed to Piccolos restaurant where we had fresh grilled yellowtail, pasta and wine prepared by none other than Pagua, Heidi Grossman’s aunt. The Grossman’s own the Marina. The next day we provisioned Gato Loco for the trip and departed around noon for an uneventful 17 mile motor sail to Bahia San Pedro as a 6 knot wind was right on our nose. We arrived with plenty of daylight left to do some swimming, beachcombing and Yvette’s hilarious attempts to master the art of driving the dingy. The next day dawned with no wind so again we motor sailed to Isla San Pedro and encountered a fog bank half way to the island which is quite unusual for the Sea of Cortez in the middle of April. After circumnavigating the island where there is a huge seal colony, we headed back towards the mainland and were fortunate to have a 8 knot wind off our starboard beam and ghosted along at 6 knots with flat seas. Now I know why I love cruising on Gato Loco! We found a new cove about 4 mikes north of bahia San Pedro that I believe is called Seri Muerto  (dead Seri Indian) which turned out to be an excellent moorage, with snorkeling, beachcombing, a brilliant sunset and quiet anchorage until the moon set at approx 1:30am at which time pods of dolphins were driving huge schools of fish towards the boat for a night time feed. The whole bay became alive with a feeding frenzy as we could follow the schools of fish and the path of the dolphins by their surreal glowing as the fish would leave a contrail from the bioluminescence in their wake. This show kept us awake most of the night as we thought they were going to jump in the boat! One of the better shows by nature that I have ever experienced! The next day dawned warm and muggy but turned to overcast skies and gusting wind. No worries as Gato Loco made the trip south with ease to Catch 22 beach, where Yvette took a siesta, learned to play Gin then caught a sierra mackerel, which became excellent cevichi for dinner. Monday dawned clear, warm and no wind! Well no problama as we went ashore for a stroll on the playa to a nice new time share resort and swam in their pool for a couple of hours. We then motored to the old Club Med, went sight seeing and observed that most of the damage caused by hurricane Marti had been remedied. After lunch we left for Martini cove at the entrance to San Carlos harbor and proceeded to follow the Mexico mantra, “the toughest decision is what to drink and even if you do a boo boo and concoct the wrong cocktail, you can fix it on the next drink.” Yvette is now a first rate mate and a convert to the cruising life! It has been 19 years since my last visit to San Carlos and I was impressed with the marina and town and how much it had been cleaned up. I was only 10 years old on our family’s first trip to this area and this visit brought back many memories.



San Carlos cruising ground