Mar 26th

I'm writing this as we sit on the bus in line at the Nogales border at 6PM. We hadn't considered that we would be crossing on Sunday night and the wait seems like it might be 2 hours..

Gato Loco is safely tucked away in Marina San Carlos waiting for our next cruise. We had dinner on shore in a real restaurant for the first time in days with a beautiful sunset over the marina. We even muster enough energy to go to Tequila's where a local band got us dancing. This morning we were up early and arranged for a taxi to drive us a hour and a half north to Hermosillo. This saves us time on the bus. We will probably be tonight around 11ish..

Another great cruise with some excitement to make it interesting.

Speaking of interesting story... Read below StingReay's harrowing story of their return to Penasco..

StingReay's Harrowing sail back to Penasco.
Craig Reay's Update

After we left you guys, with clear skies, clear winds and calm sees, we were confident that we would reach Puerto Rocky Point in a reasonable time frame. Our hopes were dashed, however, when north winds increased with 4-5 foot seas. We double reefed and shortened jib and tried to stick it out on a direct course. After a few hours conditions worsened so I decided to head for Cabo Tepoca. 5 hours later we pulled into the protected bay. We flagged a panga heading out to fish and bought some gas from them. When the fisherman found out how bad conditions were on the water they decided they wouldn't go out in it and offered to be our taxi. We anchored, made a phone call in the tienda there, then returned to StingReay for a bit of breakfast and rest. Things looked to be improving so we again headed out. Two hours later we were abreast of Desemboque, fighting a norther and 3 foot sees. I decided it was time to take a break. Josh and I were both exhausted. We anchored off Desemboqu. I took the skiff into town, bought more gas, and made a few phone calls. Went back to the boat for grub and rest. the wind finally subsided and seas leveled out a bit so we headed out again at sunset. Winds again began to build, 3 - 4 seas, Battling current and north winds, we made slow progress. Abreast of
Bird Island our motor started clattering and died, I forgot to check the oil. Now we are faced with travel without a motor in building seas and 20 + North winds. Josh told me at that point that we should close the hatch because the floor had standing water sloshing. I lifted the carpet and pulled the bilge cover and the sub floor was full of water, I estimate at least 50 gallons. I have a leak somewhere. What else can go wrong! I pumped out the water but it kept coming in slowly. At sunrise we were 13 miles due west of rocky Point, no motor, strong winds and seas, and completely exhausted. We were faced with tacking all the way into Safe Marina 5-6 hours of sailing, and I was not up to it. I decided to try the motor again (i had tried it several times to no avail). Lo and behold, it started right up. the clattering seemed to correct itself with new oil. We discovered that it had developed a suction problem and was starved for gas, once adjusted, it ran great. We arrived at 9:30 am and were relieved to have made it in one piece. We unloaded personal equipment and left the boat as is. I slept for 18 hours straight. It was quite an experience. One I WON'T BE REPEATING ANY TIME SOON! Hope all is well with you.


Craig & Josh went through one of those life's test of courage and endurance that their not ready to repeat anytime soon. I'm sure the experience will be with them for some time and in the end it will make them more seasoned mariners. The main lesson learned here is that mother natures weather comes first and schedules come second. Taking to Craig, he indicated that Thursday afternoon the seas settled and it would have been an easy sailing leg. We're glad to have them home safe and sound.


Cruise Itinerary details


StingRay F28 speedster


I know there was problems with our photos during the trip. We're sorry and will hopefully get this fixed before the next cruise.

Here's a link to were I've uploaded Updates with all the photos included..

The Gato Loco Crew.

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