March 24th PM

Whales and warmer weather... Finally the grips for mother nature and the Sea relaxed and gave us a beautiful day, flats seas, sunny skies and lighter winds. Jackets are gone and swim suits are out. As we clear cactus pass on the SE end of Tiburon we spot whale pods in the horizon. One group was feeding in one spot and the birds were in a freenzy everytime a whale would surface.

Whales head next to another whale (mother & baby??)

Sailing 10 miles off Punta Baja on the Sonoran coast we're in 10 feet of water with lots of fishing nets and local fisherman working the nets.

Wind at 8kts at our back on the afternoon leg to Julio Villa. Not enough wind to shut engines down but it was a relaxing motor sail..

Anchored at Julio Villa a small south facing cove 27nm north of San Carlos. Probably only room for one boat in this little spot. Very nice protection from the light swell from the NW.

Vicki and Frankie shell collecting. Our last beach comb as we ready to head to San Carlos, our final leg of the cruise.

Friend at Julio Villa anchorage.


Cruise Itinerary details


March 25th AM

Big surprise as we start south. Fog banks cover the coast half our leg to San Carlos. Bill watches our progress with 50 yards of visibility. Cleared by the time we got to the bay off Club Med. Made the marina around 3PM. We all have a heavy case of "back to reality" but hey none of us are working these days so what's the problem.. :).

We're on wireless at the marina if you want to emails us..

We will send our last update after returning home by bus

The Gato Loco Crew

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