March 23th PM

Big Seas and hand steering... Heading south from Bay of LA in Salsipuedes channel seas continued to grow along with wind speed (27kts). Big wave sets rolling through and wing & wing sails soon became more than we could manage. Furling the screacher and sailing with the main without reefs seems to be manageable with the wind at our backs. Isla Salsipuedes here we come at 10kts... yahoo!!

Arriving at Isla Salsipuedes early we had a quick lunch at quiet anchor and decided to make a run for Isla Tiburon's SE point to Bahia Los Cruces. This will get our Sea of Cortez crossing back to Sonora out of the way today while we have wind and make tomorrow's leg shorter. After starting across we had some doubts that this was a good decision as we will have to motor sail hard to make anchorage before dark. Winds dropped and came back stronger three times. Approaching Tiburons west shore in the channel between Tiburon and Isla San Estaban seas built with the biggest sets all day. Luckily we soon sailed into the lee of Tiburon and seas settled out but winds held at 20-25kts.

Skies at sunset in Bahia Los Cruces indicate the weather we were experiencing.

The luck of Tiburon graces us again. Last year as we rounded the SW point of Tiburon we scored scallops from local divers. Tonight we drop anchor and immediately a ponga comes from the beach and ask to trade lobster for candy!!!

Frankie and Vicki have long faces as we hand over 2 boxes of Dots and chocolate marsh mellow eggs. As we feasted on a great dinner we were already making plans to stop by this anchorage on the way back to Penasco.

Great N / NW wind anchorage. Winds still gusting and it's probably 60 as we call it a night. A very exhilarating day!!

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March 24th AM

Our crossing yesterday allowed us to sleep a little later and do some quick exploring. Cruising guide indicates another sea cave nearby but we will have to visit it next time. Looks like a great snorkel spot as water is crystal clear over rock reefs.

Cactus pass on the SE end of Tiburon as we head for an anchorage north of San Carlos. Whales ahead!!

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