March 21th
Spinnaker run to Puerto Refugio!! Winds filled in from the north by 10AM setting the stage for a photo op morning. This would be StingReay's first spinnaker set and we captured it in photos and film. Excellent progress for 2 hours and then winds dropped and clocked around on our nose forcing some motor

sailing to make Refugio. We arrived before 5 with time to explore the anchorage area and a nearby beach.

StingReay looking good flying colors.

Gatoloco anchored with north end of isla Angel de la Guarda

Vicki and Frankie with their big whale bone!! We sent them to the shrine across the anchorge to confess their sins after finding their treasures on the beach.

StingReay sailed north about 9:30pm after a quiet dinner on Gato Loco. No wind tonight and they want to get north before the weather front starts the northers blowing. We had radio contact for the first hour and they were motoring in smooth seas at 7kts and hoping to be in Penasco mid day Wed...

March 22th AM

Up early and heading south through Ballenas channel. We want to run south with the current. Great news for us, the northers are blowing 14 and we are on a hot spinnaker ride hitting 10 kts. Hope these winds are okay for StingReay.


Cruise Itinerary details

The Refugio anchorge has a famous shrine that sets atop a nearby hill. During huricane Marty a boat was sunk here and the crew took refuge in the shrine along with two Mexican fisherman protecting them from 70kt+ winds. It is well cared for and has a broom at the entrance for visitors to do some house cleaning. Photo below shows how the shrine watches over us at anchor.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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