March 20th PM

Cave dwellers and lava falls was the highlight of our leg to willard bay. The sail from Puertecitos to islote Pomo (just NE of Isla San Louis) was very pleasant, light breezes picked up to a 14kt broad reach on smooth seas. The plan is to stop at Pomo then on to Isla San Louis to show StingReay around.
Arriving at Pomo we heading out for some dingy adventure after anchoring in a small inlet bay on the north side. First stop a deep cave that you can navigate dinghies back some 200ft. Forgot a light making it erie as walls reached out and touched us unexpectedly as we motored in. Frankie was glad we didn't stay long.

Craig and Josh enter the cave behind us..

Frankie and Vicki being serenaded by the falls on the NW side of Isla San Louis. This area was formed by molten lava rock which formed a crater that some how empties at low tide then gets refilled as the rising tide spills back in. You can see the channel that fills it with the dinghies moored in the picture below.

Winds up to 15kts out of the S as we depart San Louis and head for Willard mid afternoon. Wind direction changed our plans to anchor off the beach rather opting to drop the hook in the bay for extra security. We had dinner at Alfonsias on the beach BUT inside with doors closed because it's cool and windy.


Cruise Itinerary details

Sailor silhouettes as we enter a second cave on Pomo.

Cold ride on the dinghies back to the boats. It's probably 60 and 15kt winds. Dessert and cards on Gato Loco. Wow we made it up to 10 PM!! Another elafonte (winds to 30kts) again tonight until 3AM.

March 21th AM

Off to Puerto Refugio at 9AM after getting weather off the ham net. 49 degrees and scattered showers in Phoenix and another front heading into the Sea of Cortez later today. StingReay will be heading back to Penasco tomorrow and will have to deal with the weather. Our sail south should benefit from the weather.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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