March 18th

Frankie and I (Lowell) arrived in Penasco mid day Saturday with clear weather and winds near normal. This is good news after weather forecasts were questionable all week. Mike Clark, one of our neighbor friends in Cholla, gave us a ride to Penasco so we can take a bus back to Phoenix when we arrive in San Carlos. Frankie, Bill and I provisioned the boat during the afternoon in the midist of spring break madness. Weather is a little cool and at sunset we all ran for our jackets. Vicki arrived a little late so we stopped at Cholla Cafe for a quick dinner before heading to the boat.

We meet with Craig and Josh and plan on heading out at 5AM assuming the wind doesn't come up during the night. We will be sleeping on the boat to make such an early departure less painful. Crossing to Baja is always a long leg. 79nmile should be less than 13 hours.

March 19th AM

Rain early morning and light wind as we perpare to depart. Based on last nights forecasts the decision is a go. Seas are a little lumpie so there must have been some winds last night although we didn't notice much in the marina. Motoring before sunrise. Shrimpers in the horizon which is always good news. If they are out weather should be acceptable.

Will send this before we get out of cell range.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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