The Spring 2006 Sailing Season begins March 19th

Those of you reading this log in Arizona know we've had a very warm spring. Conditions in Pureto Penasco have been tempting us to sail south. We've all been busy with other activities but we put a date in the calendar and off we go Mar 19th.. I initially wrote this intro Sat March 11 and the warm conditions were gone. In Phoenix we had rain and snow on the mountains just north of town. We've got a few days until cruise date and hoping things improve however weather looks to be heading our way later this week.

Gato Loco will be away from home port Penasco until late June and we hope to revisit La Paz before bringing her home before the hurricane season starts. The first leg will take us to San Carlos where we will launch further south in late April.

We have a special treat to be escorted south by StingReay, a Corsair F28 trimaran sailed by Craig Reay and crew Josh Eggman. They will sail with us to Puerta Refugio before turning back to Penasco. This will be their first cruise on this performance speedster. We will have to focus our sailing skills to stay up with them. Gato Loco will be crewed by Lowell, Frankie, Bill and first timer Vicki our friend from Flagstaff and more recently Jackson Hole..

The cruise route is organized to show StringReay some of the closer Baja anchorages before we head on to San Carlos.

Rough Itinerary

Sun - To Puertecites
Mon - Stopover at Isla San Louis and on to Bahia Willard
Tue - To either Puerto Refugio or Bahia de Los Angles
Wed - Anchorage in the Bay of LA area
Thurs - Isla Salsipuedes
Fri - Anchorage somewhere north of San Carlos
Sat - San Carlos
Sun/Mon - Bus ride back to Penasco & Phx for Lowell & Frankie.

Craig, Josh, Bill & Lowell surveying StingReays sail options.

Weather permiting, We should be off at daybreak on Sunday the 19th. Everybody is busy with last minute details. We will try to get an update out as we depart to let everybody know we're off and how the conditions are.

Email details.... Lowell no longer has a company Sat phone so we will try to send email by cell phone on this curise so there could be some breaks in updates while we search for cell coverage. If you want to send us email you must use the link at the bottom of the email. We WILL NOT receive replies. We will be sending email from so add it to your address book to allow us to get through your spam blockers. Send email to to remove your name from the list or give us an email to add.

Cruise links (click to see updates)

Mar 18 - Off to Puertecitos
Mar 19 - In Puertecitos
Mar 20 - In Willard Bay
Mar 21 - Puerta Refugio
Mar 22 - In Bahia de Los Angeles
Mar 23 - Change of Plans - Anchored on SE Tiburon
Mar 24 - Made it to San Carlos
Mar 26 - Home & StingReay's Harrowing trip home


Cruise Itinerary details


StingReay F28 speedster

Here's a link to logs from a recent trip we took to Puerta Vallarta, Tequila & Guadalajara (no we were not sailing)

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