Baja Boys Sail to New York City (Sept 20)

Clear sailing to Block Island.. Rain and wind prevailed most of the night but we woke to clearing weather and cooler but pleasant temps. Today (Wednesday) is our day to sail south to Block Island 25 miles SW of Newport. Plans are to cast off around noon leaving us time to do some sightseeing. Newport has a historic cliff walk on the east shore where history unfolds as you walk by each massive estate and beautiful sea scapes over a 4 mile stretch. We all drank our share of wine last night and everybody agreed it's what we needed.

Modest home on our cliff walk.

Looking back at shore line we covered in the first 2 miles

Taking a break in front of the Duke estate (of Duke University)

Charles Chiodi (editor of Multihulls magazine) joined us as we cast off at 12 noon as planned. Richard and Kerry sail the boat as we head out through channel. We were expecting to have a down wind run to the island (hoping to fly the spinnaker) BUT winds shifted as we cleared the Newport channel and surprised us as the wind built to 30 knots out of the west. So much for forcasts.... Winds gave us a good chance to put the boat through her paces. Actually this is the first time this boat has sailed in any significant wind so Richard didn't want to drive her to hard until the rig is tightened. Even with the throttle back she topped out at 10kts with one reef in the main. The ride was very comfortable and we never removed our drinks from the salon table.

Bill ready to clear the area as an occasional wave blasts the lee hull.

Block Island has a huge protected bay in it's center called "great salt basin". This is a very busy place during the season but is only at 20% capacity this time of year. We grabbed a city mooring for the night.


Kurt's racing buddy and full time cruisers Rob and Angie joined us for dinner after sailing from Newport a little behind us. Richard worked to tighten the rig as the sun sets so we will be ready for whatever condition we might see tomorrow. Winds still blowing 25 out of the NNW as we retire for the evening. We're off to New London tomorrow to drop Charles off which would put the wind on our nose if things don't change. We've seen a lot of weather changes since arriving so we can only wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Until the next Up date.. The Gato Loco Baja Boys.
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