San Felipe May 24th -26th

May 25th

Yesterday after arriving we headed to San Felipe central from our north anchorage. I made the mistake in saying it was only a quarter of a mile to walk. Okay, it's a little further and the phrase of the day became "It's only a quarter of a mile" as we finally made it to the malecon for refreshments.

San Felipe's malecon has a white sand beach, nice boardwalk on the Sea side and restaurants, bars and shopping across making it a very nice place to hang out. And hang out we did... We landed at the Taco Factory for dinner where locals had taken us on past cruises. They also have motel "El Pescador" connected to the restaurant where we snagged a room making the Taco Factory home base for our stay.

Last night town was pretty quiet but this morning (Thursday before Memorial weekend) people begin flooding in. Brian and I had a restful night at El Pescador and a nice breakfast at their restaurant on the malecon people watching. As we finished Viva-Racha motored around the lighthouse point from their north anchorage to drop the hook in front of San Felipe central.

Our goal today was to do a little shopping and check out all the restaurants, bars and what ever else we might find. We moved from one "perch" to the next.

The Perch of preference was definitely the Taco Factory.




Last year we were introduced to "Al's Back Street Bar" by some locals and it was a hit with the crew again this year. Great tequila, local color and bar games. Jason took control of the jukebox, rocking us while we all enjoyed the friendly bar both nights.

Roger and Jason.

Jen and Jason playing a little cut-throat pool.

Brian's wife Heather phoned us tomorrows weather for our sail home as we had dinner. Looks like winds are building for the next two days. Winds should arrive later tomorrow so the plan is to get an early 5 AM start. Viva-Racha will stay anchored in front of El Pescador. Brian and I will have a kayak to paddle out at day break. Tides are very extreme with tomorrow's New Moon and we will have to carry the kayak quite a distance to find water to paddle in. Hope Viva-Racha is anchored out far enough.


Cruise Day 3

San Felipe waterfront at sunrise