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Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

Gato Loco is heading out for another Baja adventure in the coming days. We are planning on taking our time and will not have any specific itinerary. "On Mexican Time". We will be on the water for 3 weeks which is our longest cruise. Our hope is to make it to Loreto Fest the first weekend of May and spend more time in the Loreto area before heading back to San Carlos. Bill, Vicki, Frankie and Lowell will be sailing the first 2 weeks. Lowell, who has lots of time these days, will sail the entire 3 weeks. Bill, Vicki and Frankie will fly home from Loreto May 13th and Rick and Steve Quant will arrive to sail the last week as we head back to San Carlos.

Links to cruise logs
Apr 30th - Crossing to Santa Rosalia
May 1st - Fun in Santa Rosalia

May 2nd - Arriving in Mulege
May 4th - Conception Bay
May 5th - Sailing off Loreto
LoretoFest 06
May 9th - Sailing back from Monseratte

Isla Carmen's north shore
May 13th - Sailing North with new crew

May 14th In Bahia San Sabastian
May 16th - Sailing out of Conceptioni Bay after 2 days

May 17th - Sailing North to Santa Rosalia

May 19th Made it back to Puerto Peansco



The crew is gathering in Cholla Bay today (Friday) and will drive to San Carlos on Saturday. Weather permitting, we hope to cross to Baja on Sunday,

I've included a chart (see below) covering the cruising grounds for you to follow our progress. You will see some of our planned anchorages noted to give you an idea of our plans.

Until the First update… The Gato Loco Crew

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