Happy Birthday to Frankie (early celebration last night)

Yes today is Frankie’s day. I’m sure activities will be organized around making it a special day for her. More news on this later.



The trip to La Paz went smooth. Murril and Al arrived before us and had the mini-van waiting as we cleared customs. We decided to take the highway through the mountains to La Paz. Great views. Thoughts of Bill’s highspeed taxi ride from hell trying to make his flight in Cabo made us smile…

Some local traffic slowed us done on the way to La Paz.





Hello to the Chica’s!!

Kisses to Neely!!

Hello to the grand kids…




Yesterday we eased into our new pace. Breakfast at the marina café on the water then on to a mega mercardo (soriana’s) for previsions.


The cell phone for emails turned out to be a challenge. The phone I brought wouldn’t work so I added a second La Paz number to my cell phone. To call us from the states the number is: 011 52 612 105 7438


We had a great dinner on the boat last night with a colorful sunset. Will decide today if we stay another night in the marina or move on to our first anchorage.

Weather is perfect but it’s getting very windy today (20kts) so I bet the wind will keep us in the marina until tomorrow.


Next update from the islands.

The Gato Crew..