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Gato Loco in Mulege (April 19th)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday morning we picked up additional crew members, Bruce and Cynthia also from Cholla Bay. Yesterdays 6hr. drive was easy with no problems. We arrived in San Carlos and picked up one of the sails we had to get fixed and headed for the local store and stocked up on Cerveza’s and other needed supply’s. We stopped at the marina bar and had a couple of drinks then went back and got Gato Loco ready for tomorrow’s departure.

Tuesday, 4:30am, Time to get up and go to work. We left the harbor at 4:50 am and headed out to sea. No wind alnd calm seas led to motors running.

It’s 10:30, pilot whales spotted off out port beam, still no wind, and with fishing line in the water and bloody marys in hand, it looks to be a relaxing motorsail to Mulege.

Later in the day, and still no wind. We are moving along under motor power and enjoying a beautiful day outside. Sadly we have lots of pictures to share but no way to do so, as we can not hook any one of the three camera on board to the computer. SO hopefully they will come soon.

We had about an hour of sailing till the wind died down, and back to the motors. Around 3:30 we saw a school of dolphins off our port side, followed shortly by a pod of about 4 pilot Whales on our starboard. A few minutes later there was a pod of about a dozen whales off our port side, A slight detour and we had several swimming very close to the boat. We dropped anchor and we were set in Mulege by 6:15.

After quick clean up we headed into the beach to get some dinner. Dinner was spent at a restaurant called Casa De Pancho Villa.

That’s all till tomorrow


Leg 1 April 11-19, Crew: Lowell, Bill, Dave – Puerto Penasco to San Carlos
Leg 2 April 29-4, Crew: Bill & Clyde (opening for crew) – San Carlos to Puerto Escondido
Leg 3 May 4-11, Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Richard & Kerry (from Australia) in the Loreto area..
Leg 4 May 11-17, Crew: Frankie ,Lowell , Bob & Chris Sanders & Kerry (sailing with us for extra week) (to La Paz)
Leg 5 May 17-24, Crew: Bill & Carlton
Leg 6 – May 24-31, Rick and family in the Loreto area.
Leg 7 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill, Brian, Heather, Roger, Alisa & Carl. Puerto Escondido to San Carlos
Leg 8 – June 13-22, Crew: Lowell -San Carlos to Puerto Penasco

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