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Baja08 Leg 2 Begns.. (Tue April 29th)

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It’s Tuesday morning April 29th and the Baja08 cruise resumes after attending a beautiful wedding in Cholla Bay. More on the cruise in a bit but first a little news on:

The Cholla Bay Wedding

IMG 1001a
Part of the wedding crowd at the Friday night reception

IMG 1131a


Our very close friends and Cholla neighbors Tom and Marilyn Haney’s daughter Melissa married her long time partner Guy Zwick (here-after referred to as the Zwaney family) on Saturday evening. The activities started with a Friday night reception at the Reef restaurant, a putting golf tournament Saturday morning, the wedding at sunset Saturday night and final a brunch Sunday at the McCulleys. What a fun weekend and definitely worth taking a sailing break for.

Weather was perfect for the sunset ceremony officiated by Sally Dalton our spiritual adviser and owner of the local restaurant hang-out Xochitl’s Cafe. Over 100 people attended the spectacular wedding setting and then partied (No Tom it’s not a party) into the night with a local live band. A great time was had by all 🙂

<The Zwaney family – Grant (Guy’s son), Guy, Sally and Melissa during the ceremony.

Best wishes to the Zwaney family from the Gato Loco Crew.



The Ceremony was held at the Haney’s on Cholla Bay shore.

IMG 1152a

Pirate ship fires salute at sunset

IMG 1267a.







IMG 1437

Polishing the Haney’s new patio below

IMG 1370.

Brunch at the McCulleys>




Wedding over the Gato Loco crews head back Baja08 cruising

IMG 6465
Leg 2 Crew: Bill, Cynthia, Clyde & Bruce

Bill and his crew for Leg 2 headed for San Carlos driving Monday morning and began their crossing from San Carlos to Baja early this morning (Tue). They should be in either Punta Chivato or Mulege by nightfall. The new crew received a crash course in sending Updates so we should receive news soon.

Frankie and I will be heading south down Baja’s HW1 starting tomorrow and will be meeting up with Leg 3 crew members Richard and Kerry and Gato Loco this coming weekend. Let the fun resume…

Lowell and the Gato Loco Crew.


Crew members needed on Leg 5 (May 17-24, La Paz to Loreto).

Carlton, Bill’s crew on leg 5 had to with-drawn from the cruise leaving Bill in need of crew members. Logistics would be flying to La Paz Friday the 16th of May and flying home from Loreto May 25th. This can be done with AeroMexico or Alaska Air via LA.



Leg 1 April 11-19, Crew: Lowell, Bill, Dave – Puerto Penasco to San Carlos
Leg 2 April 29-4, Crew: Bill & Clyde (opening for crew) – San Carlos to Puerto Escondido
Leg 3 May 4-11, Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Richard & Kerry (from Australia) in the Loreto area..
Leg 4 May 11-17, Crew: Frankie ,Lowell , Bob & Chris Sanders & Kerry (sailing with us for extra week) (to La Paz)
Leg 5 May 17-24, Crew: Bill & Carlton
Leg 6 – May 24-31, Rick and family in the Loreto area.
Leg 7 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill, Brian, Heather, Roger, Alisa & Carl. Puerto Escondido to San Carlos
Leg 8 – June 13-22, Crew: Lowell -San Carlos to Puerto Penasco


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