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Bay of LA and on to Puerto Penasco

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Thursday afternoon May 29th

Bay of LA is hot as expected. We off load 4 empty gas cans and 1 propane tank on a quest for energy. We only set road side 5 minutes before Carlos picks us up and we head for the Pemex. Linda heads to  restaurant Costa Del Sol for internet while we take care of energy. Arriving at the propane plant we find they have no propane in their supply tank YIKES… Not taking no for an answer we keep working the issue telling them how desperate we are to be able to cook on our boat sailing to Puerto Penasco and they finally agree to transfer propane from one of the full size tanks that would fill ours at least 3/4 full. It can’t be done until the main propane mistro returns. Carlos agrees to return later and get our filled tank while we have lunch with Linda. Energy done Yea.! No Internet at the restaurant so after lunch I head to Icafe while Linda & Craig hit the mercado.. At the Icafe my 4 legged friends are laying in the wet dirt. The blonde reminds me of Neely that I’m missing as much as Frankie. Some good ear rubes and I’m his best friend. IMG_3854 [3]

After last nights long sleepless night we decide not to chance anchoring of the Bay where there’s always a chance for monster winds from the west. We’re off for Isla La Ventana and it’s nice protected anchorage. Anchor down just as the sun sets over the mountain on Baja. It’s been a big day and we’re exhausted. Cocktail hour and asleep by 9..

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Friday May 30th

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I guess I’ve been to this anchorage before but don’t remember it well. Last night was cool and great sleeping with a breeze most of the night. Today we head up whale channel and the north bound currents don’t start until 10ish so  we have time to kill. Hitting the beach we see there’s a island trail that gives a great view of the anchorage.

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We noted one bee on the boat this morning and we discovered why. Hiking inland right off the trail we found a bee hive in a bush. Not very creative with full exposure but there it was covered with bees.

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Great hikel with markers and trails to the north and south near the famous window rock.

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Before leaving the island we motored over to the window rock for pictures. Carlos has said the the fishing was great in the island and we found  6 or 8 boats fishing near the window. This window is Bay of LA’s icon you see everywhere.


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Still some time to kill we stop at Isla Smith at the anchorage near a inland lagoon. The tide is supper low with the new moon so we can’t dinghy in. We did paddled in to where and rock dam holds back lagoon water and is forming a rushing stream for some photos. I remember being here once before when we could enter the logoon and there were rays everywhere.

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Time to head north up Whale Channel. We have a 6 hour north bound strong current to ride to Puerto Refugio. This should help since there no wind as we begin the passage.

Right away we spot a large fin whale with a young one with her. She’s easing up along the island with the little one in tow.

As we approach the western slot where we normally have west winds there’s nothing BUT winds are building from the SE up the channel.

Out of the blue 3 Orca Killer whales pass us heading south. I’ve always  heard they can be in the sea but we’ve never seen one until now. Very cool. They didn’t give us any attention.

Before long we have 13kts on a broad reach and with the 2kt tide push and we’re sailing without motors at 9kts… Life is good in Whale Channel.

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We’ve been toying with the idea of sailing on to Penasco tonight instead of overnighting in Puerto Refugio with the bugs. With the good winds we would make Refugio by 3 PM SO…

Penasco here we come. We had a good rest last night and Craig and Linda are up for a night crossing.


5 PM our winds are gone and the seas are dead calm. Looks like it will be a motor ride if we don’t get some night time winds.

5:30 AM Saturday morning May 31st

No wind until 2 AM and unfortunately it is light 7kts at our back due south and not much help so the motors ran all night unlike our last two night crossing with good winds all night. I guess the winds Gods are tired from all the wind in the previous legs of the 2014 season. Gato Loco will be home in her slip 8ish this morning.

All is well on Gato Loco

Thanks for joining us on the cruise and thanks to Craig and Linda for crewing with me north. Great experience for both of us and great to get to know our Marina Penasco dock mates better. We want to sail the Bay of LA together soon.

Until the next Update.

Sunrise near Penasco

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