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Passage to San Francisquito & Bahia de Los Angeles

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Wednesday May 28th

Large sardine fishing boat anchored just outside Santa Rosalia as we depart near sunrise.

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Calm seas seem to be the morning menu with the current weather conditions. That means we get to test the motor repair right away. Good news, other than some squeals as we left the harbor she is running fine. After a layover day the crew is getting restless to get underway.. All smiles as we depart except for the fact we have no coffee since we are out of propane.

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Linda took these cool dolphin shot with the overcast morning light. She also caught me sleeping in my office. No morning coffee Sad smile

The 12 hour motor sail to San Francisquito went pretty much uneventful. Craig did catch another nice size bonito.

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Sky’s continued to thicken as the day went on. SE winds filled in the afternoon allowing us to shut down one engine but never strong enough to run sails only.


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Photos taken killing time on the ride north.

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No propane.. I have an idea, we’ll stop by the little resort on the beach near Punta San Francisquito and have dinner tonight… IF THEY’RE OPEN.

Nice, we see locals peek their heads out as we set the anchor right in front for the resort (resort is stretching it).. Nobody wants to swim as we arrive because two 10’ sharks swim by as we approach our anchorage spot. I can’t remember seeing sharks in an anchorage area in all my Baja experience. But we’re not swimming tonight!!

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Menu… Carne or fish taco dinner and cervesa.. We don’t need no propane. Very good meal and internet also. The beach is steep here and there’s a good swell making landing challenging and great anchor holding conditions.

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Cheers to a beautiful sunset and a nice dinner. We’ve decided to stay at our resort anchorage for the night. The recommended anchorage is 1/4 mile north but it looks like we’ll have a westerly wind tonight so this will work.




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Good night mister sunshine.


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Thursday May 29th

Last night started with a warm breeze off shore that didn’t seem to want to cool. We’re hot sleeping. Then suddenly a cool breeze came up from the NE. Nice but it’s a rain thunderbumper and winds kick up swells incoming on the beach. This is when you wish we had anchored in the north slot with full protections. Lockley the storm passed quickly and the seas didn’t get to bad plus the temp is now perfect for sleeping even with the sloppy seas.

Up at 6:30 for the 54 mile run to Bay of LA. Night time clouds are still with us and we have a NW breeze  close to being on our nose for LA. The ham net forecast is for SE. Lets hope so.

IMG_5005 [18]

Lots of entertainment heading north. First two fin whales are working an tidal area. Below, a pod of Pilot whales cruise north with us. Above, birds are having a morning feast and there are dolphins everywhere.

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IMG_5021 [20]IMG_5018 [21]


The dolphins are busy feeding but some stop by to check us out.

Nice run to Bay of LA with the tide current pushing us along…

Anchor down  3PM…..

We’re going to pick up supplies, a little food, gas and PROPANE…

We’re off to an local island anchorage to assure we have a restful night tonight after last nights thrashing. Tomorrow we’re thinking Puerto Refugio arriving near sunset to avoid knats and then on to Puerto Lobos Saturday night and Penasco Sunday.

Until the next Update.

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