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Another good mechanic in Santa Rosalia has us underway again

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Gypsum tanker near Isla San Marcos

Engine report…  We found another good Yamaha mechanic in Santa Rosalia. We brought the lower unit and our new seals and he installed them and confirmed that the old seals were leaking. Not sure if they were replaced in Escondido. He came back to the boat and checked the engine over. Pulled the thermostat and found it was full of junk. Decided to pull thermostats on both engines. He thinks that will do the tick.. We’re going to lay over in Santa Rosalia Tuesday and head to San Francisquito Wednesday morning early. If things go as we hope we should be in Penasco this Sunday. Wish us luck.

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Wednesday May 28th

6:30 were up and heading north. Port engine seems to be working fine except for some squealing as we left the harbor. Not sure that’s a good sign but at this point it is what it is.

Yesterday was a good day getting the  motor repaired getting supplies.. But in the drama surrounding the motor we forgot to fill the propane and as we made coffee this morning we ran out of gas. No coffee or hot dinner until Bay of LA Bummer.

I’m sending this update as we are near loosing cell signal so it’s a little hurried. What follows are photos from our visit to Santa Rosalia.

Engine update.. 45 minutes north and the engine is making unusual noises but still running strong. How long?? More in the next update from Bay of LA.

Until the next Update

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Brunch fish taco stand

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One boat on the dock cleaning fish with lots of help from the marina birds.

Lots of relaxing when we should have been getting propane. Sad smile



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Another good carne taco place for dinner.

IMG_3799 [16]IMG_3800 [17]

Beautiful evening on the waterfront

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