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South winds return as we sail north to San Sebastian

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It finally feels like we’re cruising again as we get a rhythm making progress each day to Penasco after delays.

Sunday May 25th .. Above..We were blessed with another huge pad of dolphins as we motor sail north to San Sebastian.

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Departing Coranados 9ish seas are flat as winds laid down overnight and are still calm. Scout bees had made a visit to the boat before departing but we moved out before they brought back their friends. Most of the boats in the anchorage have netting to keep them out. Every year there seems to be more bees in the anchorages.

South winds arrive as we reach Pulpito and we make the decision have an easier day going to San Sebastian instead of making Mulege near sunset. This allows us to sail a broad reach out to Isla San Ildefonso and jib 6 miles into the Sebastian anchorage. Winds reach 14kt out of the SE making it a pleasant afternoon arriving in the anchorage 4ish in time to enjoy swimming in the cool neighborhood bay with homes  all around us. I call it the fish bowl. One boat is already in this little anchorage which only holds two boats. They are a keel boat needing more water depth which leaves room for us to get between them and shore. Later I meet Michele and Kiki on Merlin. We hear Michele every morning on the ham net. Linda and Craig whip up a great chicken dinner and afterword’s it’s movie night with a stupid Will ferrell move..

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Above… Greg’s palapa home on the south side to the bay.

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Perfect evening weather and as expected a cool breeze arrives from the Baja canyon behind the homes making for a blanket sleeping night.

Weather alert.. We’re listening to details on topical storm Amanda. They’ve been talking about when the wave swell will arrive up the east cape. Boats heading south need to pay attention. It shouldn’t affect us unless it changes direction radically.

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Monday May 26th.. Happy Memorial Day

Destination today Santa Rosalia. We need supplies since we only picked up light provisions in the small tenda in Escondido. Seas are flat calm as we depart Sebastian 8ish for the 60 mile run to Santa Rosalia.

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Just north of Punta Conception the bonita started hitting. Craig caught 3 in an hour and finally pulled to lure for a while. Since we’re in Santa Rosalia tonight we decided to not keep them but he was having a great time landing them.

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3PM motors off for the first time as we head through Craig’s  Channel on a reach at 6.5kts. Only fitting for Craig.

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Pilot whales cruise by as we pass the gypsum mine on San Marcos.

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4 PM winds making a big switch to the north as we head up the channel towards Santa Rosalia. Engines back on.. Dimmit we’re going to have to tack up the channel.

4:15  ENGINE ALERT>### Port engine shuts down.. It’s stopped pumping water for cooling and has over heated. 10 miles still remain to Santa Rosalia. We’ll have to figure this on out there on the dock. 

6:30 we limp into Santa Rosalia on one engine after the north wind died 3 miles out. The Fontour marina has only 5 boats. Our dock mates are Canadians who live in San Carlos. Their crossing to San Carlos tomorrow leaving at 5 AM.

Engine report… We took the lower unit off and checked the water pump impeller. All okay there. Reassembled and water is pumping correctly. This good & bad news.. I like it’s working but not knowing why we had the problem and if it is going to happen again is very unsettling. ALSO while we had it apart we found salt water in the lower gears. The new seals are leaking. This is another problem that can probably be managed by changing the gear oil a few times as we head north. Then fixed back in Penasco… Fingers crossed on both issues.

Time for dinner. It’s almost dark and nearing 9PM..

Until the next Update.

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