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Gato Loco’s journey home starts this Thursday

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Gato loco sets in Puerto Escondido near Loreto after the Leg 4 crew left her on a mooring and arranged to have a mechanic work on our port engine that has developed a problem. News on Leg 4 is slow in coming because of high winds that forced them to hang in the Salinas anchorage where there’s no internet and issues with the boat computer. IMG_2486 [2]They’ve made their way back home safely after a challenging but fun week on board.

Leg 5 will bring Gato Loco home to Penasco. Craig and Linda Lyons will be sailing with me (Lowell) on the journey. They are our slip mates at Marina Penasco and returned recently from a cruise on their sail boat “Argo” visiting Baja as far south as Bay of LA. Our cruise home will give them an opportunity to visit anchorages further south that they will visit on future cruises I’m sure.

We fly to San Diego tomorrow (Thursday May 22nd) and then take a taxi to the Tijuana airport just south of the border for a flight to Loreto. Our cruise north should start Friday assuming our engine is fixed.

Linda & Craig last season in Puerto Escondido >>> 

Leg 5 home bound

Leg5 Home [3]

P4272165 [4]Our likely itinerary north will probably take around 10 days. We’ll see how if actually unfolds. Weather has thrown us many curves this season. Hopefully south winds will return and prevail.

May 23 – Day 1 to San Juanico Dinner in
May 24 – Day 2 to Mulege Dinner out
May 25 – Day 3 to Santa Rosalia Dinner out
May 26 – Day 4 to Trinidad Dinner in
May 27 – Day 5 to Isla Sulsepudes Dinner in
May 28 – Day 6 to Bay of LA Dinner out
May 29 – Day 7 to Gonzaga Dinner out
May 30 – Day 8 to Isla Puma Dinner in
May 30 – Night sail to Penasco
or May 31 – Day 9 to Penasco

Grey Goose’s Journey home

Kelley Adams (Crewing on Grey Goose Leg 2) sent me an email with details on their return to San Carlos after leaving us as the Leg 3 Rally week started. Here’s Kelley’s email….

IMG_3287 [5]Sunday morning we pulled anchor out of Escondido harbor and headed for blue water. We trolled around Isla Del Carmen – with no luck of finding the blue water. With all the winds, I think it was blown south. We jigged for yellowtail for awhile as well, still nada. We trolled around Coronado as well and headed for the turquoise shores of Isla Coronado to Anchor. GOPR1254 [6]Water was very murky compared to the few days earlier that we were there. Monday we pulled anchor and headed for Bahia de Concepcion, had a Marlin hit, but didn’t land it. So many mantas and dolphin, we were having fun. We spoke to friends in San Carlos that said the best day to head back across would be Tuesday. So we took off early Tuesday for the 11 hour crossing. Still rough around midday, so no trolling. Arriving and got the Grey Goose into it’s slip just as the winds began again. Too bad the stomach bug got a few of you at one point or another. All it all, we had a great time and Jim and Mary Ann are ready to do it again.

Stay tuned…. Until the next Update

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AeroCalfia jet Tijuana to Loreto ($118 this trip)

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