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2014 Rally Days in the books & Leg 3 Wraps

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I’m writing this update Monday back in Phoenix after the Leg 3 crew has made their way home safely. This update covers our final days on board.

IMG_3583 [2]

Friday May 9th

French toast brunch on MoonDrifter starts the day. Helen entertains the brunch crowd with her sail board lessen from Bruce on Kat Kan Do. With in minutes she’s cruising around the anchorage. Great job Helen.

IMG_3575 [3]




Below… Jen, Bruce and Oso paddle to MoonDrifter for Bruch.

IMG_3558 [4]

IMG_3560 [5]IMG_3563 [6]


IMG_3562 [7]

IMG_3559 [8]


Ralph and Helen continued the tradition with a farewell morning feast on MoonDrifter. Ralph’s French toast and Helen’s apple syrup, what a treat.

Final goodbyes with a head full of great memories and plans to do it again next year.

That’s a Rally Wrap




IMG_3608 [9]Gato Loco’s off 14 miles north to San Juanico to show the crew one of my favorite anchorages..

IMG_3600 [10]





NE winds blow us into the anchorage with plenty of time to relax. Not long after we arrive a sports fishing boat “Cozador” from San Carlos drops an anchor near us and announces on the radio that their freezers are full of fish and they would like trade fish for just about anything. We scored some prime Benita filets for a sashimi late afternoon snack for a bottle of diet coke. Tonight it’s Darren’s shrimp & scallops in pesto pasta. Yum..

IMG_3615 [11]

IMG_3617 [12]IMG_3620 [13]








Darren worked late into the night preparing our offering for the cruiser tree.

Saturday May 10th

IMG_3622 [14]IMG_3628 [15]

IMG_3631 [16]

IMG_3627 [17]

Cool westerly all night. You can always count on a very restful evening in San Juanico. Before heading south to Puerto Escondido we visit the beach to leave our offering at the cruiser tree.

Murril and I meet cactus man.

Darren & Nell pose for Darren’s office wall photo (left). Shortly after the photo Darren was telling me he hasn’t caught a fish since the first day and zing went the fishing reel. IMG_6177 [18]


Happy fisherman Smile


Big Problem.!!!

Looks like we won’t make Puerto Escondido today. We just lost the port engine. NOT GOOD. Lot’s of radio calls and advice on what our problem might be. Consensus is the carburetor needs the jets cleaned so new plan… We pulled into Loreto to see what can be done to get the engine running. Two carburetor dismantling and cleanings and still no improvement. No time, Leg 4 will start tomorrow with one engine working and I’ve made arrangements for a mechanic to work on it after leg 4. Time to get on with the conclusion of Leg 3. Stuck in Loreto, we made arrangements to stay in the small Loreto panga marina. We can get both fuel and water so the boat will be ready for leg 4, Plus an easy hand off with Gato Loco setting on the dock avoiding a dinghy transfer making an engine problem a positive outcome.

IMG_6206 [19]IMG_3641 [20]IMG_3636 [21]

Cocktails and then into Loreto for the evening.

IMG_3643 [22]IMG_3653 [23]IMG_3647 [24]

Main plaza and a stop by hotel La Pasada de Flora for some views of the historic downtown.

IMG_3655 [25]

Dinner at Orlando’s café and some malacon sightseeing. We even met Augie at his seaside bar.

IMG_3660 [26]IMG_3663 [27]










IMG_3670 [28]


Having Gato Loco at the Loreto marina dock is perfect for night time sightseeing and dinning. Note to self… use this dock more often. The fee was only $30.

Murril and Nell enjoy the waterfront from Gato Loco’s salon after a full night in town.


Sunday May 11th

Leg 4 officially under way. Our flight was late enough allowing us meet the new crew at the boat. Welcome with a shot of Mexican Moonshine.!!

IMG_3680 [29]IMG_3684 [30]

IMG_3685 [31]

IMG_3688 [32]


Our journey home… Fly on  Aero Calfia Loreto to Tijuana. Then a short taxi ride to the border. Then a 1 hour line in the foot traffic border crossing. Then a taxi ride to down town San Diego to a nice bar where Murril knows the chief and  we sore a very nice lunch. Then off to the airport with still 3 hours before our flight to Phoenix. The good news is South West airlines puts us on standby for an earlier flight which we make landing in Phoenix early before 6. Busy day and happy to be home with Frankie after 3 weeks on the Sea of Cortez.

IMG_3591 [33]IMG_3588 [34]IMG_3596 [35]IMG_3592 [36]

I’ll miss this gnarly crew. What a fun week.

Looks like the windy conditions will continue for leg 4 so they should have some fun sailing. Stay tuned.

Until the next update

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