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Rally Days Update #2

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Tuesday May 6th

Windy night last night with cool breeze out of the south off Isla Monserrate. Good sleeping but we woke up with a boat load of bees loving all the empty beer cans in the trash. Darren quickly retired to his cabin waiting for us to move the boat to a bee clear spot in the anchorage. Yellowstone beach center and close to the beach seems to be the spot to avoid for bees.

The anchored near the NW reef was a good bee free spot. Soon we joined the fleet with our bumble bee crew member Murril. (Click on any photo to enlarge it)

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Yellowstone beach is a beautiful mile long beach on the north shore on Monserrate with cool yellow sandstone formations and lots of tiny tiny shells. The reef on the west end is a great place to snorkel. Left, HIMG_5816 [10]elen fond the skeleton from a dolphin full in tact. We even had  little time for some yoga where I demonstrate my flexibility.


IMG_3412 [11]

Yellowstone Beach with the Seawind fleet and our mother ship.

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IMG_3417 [13]

IMG_5839 [14]









IMG_3418 [15]

IMG_3419 [16]Headin north to Isla Carmen’s Salinas Bay near the old salt mine. Darren is avid about landing the dorado the gat away jumps in OutaHere mobile for some serious trolling. No joy for their attempts BUT Peid-a-Mer reports they reeled in a 20 dorado so the fleet is going to eat well tonight.

Beautiful broad reach sail chilling in the shade of the screacher sail to Salinas.


Dorado feast on Gato Loco.

IMG_3425 [17]IMG_5849 [18]







Check out the huge fillets we have to prepare of dinner. Enough for sashimi, ceviche, grilled with butter/wine/cappers/garlic, grilled blackened. Something for everybody’s taste. Above crew gives Eric and Pam a 10+ score on the catch of the day.

IMG_3434 [19]IMG_5853 [20]IMG_3438 [21]

With all the accessories we had another awesome meal. We had two special guest for diner, Jack Nickelson (left) and his might boat dog Oso. Actually Bruce on Kat Kan Do has an amazing resemblance to Jack.

IMG_3441 [22]IMG_3445 [23]IMG_3448 [24]

IMG_3455 [25]IMG_3451 [26]


A late night on Gato Loco.

10ish a strong westerly wind arrived in the south facing anchorage  which unfortunately produced a swell from the south not the best for sleeping with Gato Loco taking rollers broad side all through the night. We only have one squeak on the boat and these condition bring it on strong right next to Murrils cabin. The ear plug I supplies him were reported to not help much. Sorry Murril. Looking for a better night rest at out next anchorage.

Until the next Update

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