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Rally Days, Gato Loco Crew arrives, Off to Isla Monserrate

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Sunday May 4th

Sunrise with calm Puerto Escondido water. Lazy day waiting for the Leg 3 crew. Hit the Loreto Fest pancake breakfast and a seminar on tablet navigation host by Eric on Seawind Pied-a-Mer .  Kurt helped me put Gato Loco on the dock for the arrival of my crew late night then went and relaxed on our Canadian friends trawler OutaHere.

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Cool, relaxing on the aft deck a big whale shark swam gracefully by us.


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Crew finally arrive 8ish. First stop was to visit friends and former crew members Steve & Cindy who are building a house in Loreto. Left is the guest house they are staying in while their house is being finished. It was too dark to get and pic during our tour of their place. We finished our visit with dinner at La Palapa, then on for provision to the boat where there was a little too much tequila consumed.

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Sunday May 4th.

The new crew Murril, Darren, Nell and I looking ready for Rally week.

First hours out of Puerto Escondido we saw 2 fin whales and Darren caught a 15# Bonita and we almost landed a 25# dorado. My slow gaff work is responsible for the lost dorado. Darren says he’s the lucky charm and it certainly seems so.



IMG_3348 [8]IMG_3350 [9]IMG_3355 [10]IMG_3354 [11]

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Today’s destination Isla Monserrate where we had our Rally dinner hosted by Rob and Char on OutaHere and prepared by Kurt. The sail to Monserrate was a light air broad reach perfect for breaking in a new crew.

Right OutaHere as we begin arriving and below Rob and his huge Canadian flag.

IMG_3382 [13]

IMG_3372 [14]IMG_3369 [15]IMG_3377 [16]

The mother ship dinner photos.. Dinner was delicious beef and chicken fajitas plus offering from all of us.. Yum.

IMG_5704 [17]IMG_5723 [18]IMG_5692 [19]

IMG_3388 [20]

IMG_3381 [21]


IMG_3389 [22]





Ralliers, Murril, Char, Guy, Lowell, Helen(front), Kurt, Pam, Carol, Ralph, Nell, Rob, Jen, Bruce just off the pic and Darren taking the photo

IMG_5721 [23]


Perfect weather and beautiful sunset.

IMG_5742 [24]

IMG_5766 [25]


What a fun night with our Seawind friends.

Pied-a-Mer  1160 – Eric & Pan

MoonDrifter S1160 – Ralph & Helen

Straw Cat  1000 – Guy & Carol

Kat Kan Do 1000 – Bruce & Jen & dog Oso

Gato Loco 1000 – Lowell, Murril, Darren & Nell

Seawind Rally dinner “Over & Out”

Until the next Update.

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