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Made it to Puerto Escondido

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Friday May 2nd

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Isla Coronados

The turquoise waters of isla Coronados are glowing especially bright today with water clarity exceptional. We rode yet another north wind from San Juanico to Coronados with sea building to 3’ and a 20kt breeze (again a N wind that keeps on giving). Jeffrey took control of this leg while Lynnie had a nap. Running down with wind and wave is quit a bit of steering work and he was enjoying very minute.

Arriving at the  north anchorage, there not one boat there. This big beautiful anchorage to ourselves. Unbelievable! Time to play.


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Dave and Kelley pose with the beach behind. Soon their ashore and Dave does a little relaxing.

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Jim and Mary Ann with their trawler “Grey Goose” in the distance.

The Adams family enjoying a turquoise water swim.

I’m having fun with the dinghy rodeo. Our little dinghy really flies with just on person in it.

Tonight’s our last chance to get both crews together for dinner. Jeffrey and Lynnie depart tomorrow for La Paz as we arrive in Puerto escondido. That means the Don Jolie 1949 will see some action tonight.

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The evening starts with happy hour on Grey Goose then finishes with dinner on Gato Loco.

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The BBQ quickly grills onions, steaks and shrimp under Dave’s control while we enjoy our cocktails and watch Dave work. Awesome dinner and great company. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over.

Saturday May 3

The Don Julio flowed a little too late last night with Jeffrey and I entertaining the anchorage that we had to ourselves our favorite music blaring. Today we hauled anchor and headed to the Loreto water front to Drop Jeffrey & Lynnie off to pick their rental car they will drive to La Paz. While in town they picked up provisions for Leg 3. Thank you very much for that..

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We bid a sad goodbye to Jeffrey & Lynnie. I think this sailing life is growing on them so you’ll probably see then on the Sea again. I certainly enjoyed their company.

Grey Goose fished all the way from Loreto to Puerto Escondido catching only skipjacks. They are getting anxious to go blue water fishing in the area.

Time to enjoy Saturday night at Loreto Fest with our Seawind friends..

Until the Next Update.

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