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Windy Santispac to San Juaninco

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Thursday May 1st

These 2 photos illustrate our big winds through the anchorage yesterday Wednesday afternoon. The sailboards were near out of control with the high 20kt puffs. The little land yacht actually put his away as we’re sure he would of capsized driving is nose into the sand. The dust off the beach was bad. We had to wash down Gato’s decks today.

The morning was much lighter and as we hoped we hitched a ride into Mulege for supplies, internet and another good lunch ate our favorite Mexican restaurant.

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The new restaurant owners gave us a ride into Mulege. Poor Kelley had to set on Dave’s lap with her head jammed against the ceiling. Arriving in Mulege, I was very happy to see improvements along the river front that has been hit so hard by hurricanes recently.

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Gato Loco above right along with over boats hiding out from the wind in the Playa Santispc bay. The huge Conception bay is in the distance. Above .. The Crew having lunch with a strong breeze coming in the window at our Mexican restaurant with killer margs. Today we’re drinking jamica Sad smile. Normally Mulege is warm during our visits but not today it’s perfect.

Left.. Wednesday Evening Jeffrey,  Lynnie & I had the restaurant to ourselves as most of the boats were weary of the long windy afternoon.

Thursday Morning

This Morning we escaped at sunrise and surprisingly found flat conditions as we rounded Punta Conception and turned south towards San Juaninco.


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1 PM north winds are back and we’re really cruising towards our anchorage. Grey Goose is out on Isla San Ildefonso catching lots of fish and have to give it up to the winds.

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To our surprise our friends Moondrifter with Ralph & Helen were in the San Juanico anchorage. That’s great news, we shall have some MoonDrifter time. They have friends Niels and Jan on board and we had a very nice happy hour visit.

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It was Grey Goose crews first chance to see the big 1160 Seawind and loved the tour.

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Another full day and a good fish (Red Snapper) dinner complements of Grey Goose. They graciously gave away 3 nice Red Snappers the the cruisers in the anchorage.

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Cool restful night with San Juanico’s great protection. Morning marine layer added to the sunrise shot. This is Jeffrey and Lynnie’s first stop in San Juanico so we had to head to the cruiser’s tree to make an offering for safe passage. This time is a fishing lure that had no hooks. Hope that’s not going to bad fishing MoJo…

Before Grey Goose hauled anchor they decided to fly their drone camera over the anchorage. Jim has long been a pilot and launches the drone from Grey Goose’s bow flies around the anchorage getting cool aerial video. The vdeio is far to big to upload with our modest internet but below is an example photo of the view from above and the beautiful San Juannico anchorage.

Heading for Isla Corornados today only 15 miles south. Winds are already blowing out of the NE at 15 as we leave the anchorage. The north wind condition that keeps on giving. We may make leg 2 only burning 10 gallons of fuel.

Until the Next Update.

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