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3rd Sea of Cortez crossing, off to Santa Rosalia

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Sunday April 27th

Today we cross to Santa Rosalia, our 3rd Sea of Cortez crossing heading south. Winds cranked up yesterday much more than expected so we’re expecting a bumpy crossing. We’re heading out at 5:30 with an option to turn back if the conditions are too rough. Every body is excited and hoping we can go for it..

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Jeffrey & Lynnie, the Leg 2 crew, spent the night on the boat for the early morning departure. We’re the first boats out of the marina along with Grey Goose with beautiful morning light.

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Sailflow forecast is for 11-14kts from the NW which will be broad reach for us with quartering seas good for Grey Goose.

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Clearing San Pedro Island is our final decision point and the decision “we’re going”. Winds pick up to 18 and we shut down the motors and we’re sailing at 7 – 8kts hanging right with Grey Goose. Wind picks up a bit more and we’re even out front for a while. It couldn’t be a better crossing condition. If we had light winds we wouldn’t be able to keep up. Looks like we’re going to make Santa Rosalia by 4:30.

2ish seas flatten and winds lighten. We’re motor sailing and Grey Goose is fishing.

Grey Goose has spotting  marlin and sharks from their bridge vantage point during the crossing but no luck catching anything today.

Gato Loco ran sail only from 10 to 2:30. We crossed 74 miles and only used 5 gallon of fuel. A perfect day.

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Arriving early we have time to wash down boats after taking waves over the salon and then a nickel tour of Santa Rosalia before heading to dinner to celebrate another successful crossing. Looks to be cool restful night after our long day. Everybody is happy to be back in Baja..

Until the next Update

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