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Anchored at the Soggy Peso, San Carlos fun

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Friday April 25th

Samata Santa Easter week is still going strong as we arrive at the Soggy Peso. The crew did some quick boat cleaning then we joined leg 2 crew mates Dave & Kelley and Jeffrey & Lynnie waiting at the Soggy Peso bar for us to arrive.

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We set our anchor just after 3 PM with only 1 other boat in the bay. With in the hour we had a crowd of boats and the beach was full on Mexican vacationers.

One final Leg 1 crew photo at the Soggy (below left). Deb especially appreciates the name Soggy Peso after falling out of the dinghy as we beached in the surf.

Off to the Captains Club for dinner and more drinks. Every crew needs a drunkin sailor night and this is one of those nights.



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We even had a little energy left for the dance floor.

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Saturday April 26th.

The crew is up early and we have a taxi picking them up at 9 at the Soggy. They will be driving to Hermosillo to catch the bus to Penasco. I was able to navigate the surf this morning to get them and their bags ashore dry. We were all a little worried.

Late morning Jeffrey, Dave & Kelley joined me on Gato Loco to move her to the fuel dock at Marina San Carlos. Winds really picked up 9ish (gusting in the 20s) while  we sail the distance with 4 foot rollers coming from the west. We sure hope these sea settle for tomorrow’s crossing to Santa Rosalia.

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We finish the day with dinner at Jim and Mary Ann’s. Jim & Mary Ann along with Dave & Kelley will be powering their trawler “Grey Goose” with us on Leg 2. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun week.

Here comes another adventure..

Until the next Update.

Adios to Leg 1 crew. What a fun week.

Here’s to a good crossing tomorrow (Sunday)




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Here’s a video for the dolphins near Kino Bay during leg 1

Deb & Terry’s 1st Dolphin run…
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