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Sea life Extravaganza off Kino Bay & on to San Carlos

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Thursday April 24th

Dog Bay on Isla Tiburon. Another well protected bay and a restful night. Today we head down the Sanoran coast to an anchorage north of San Carlos. We were able to sleep in a bit as we only have a 55 mile day in front of us. Anchoring last night, Dave said the port engine had died. As we ready for departure we find out why. Setting the anchor we had backed over a mooring line that had wrapped and seized the prop. The only way to free it was to remove the prop.. Speaking of problems, Our navagation chart plotter screen is slowly day by day growing a black blob down the screen soon to obstruct important information. We’ll probably need to get a replacement on board soon.

Reaching the waters off Kino Bay we see dolphin everywhere. Not a pod, but hundreds scattered all around us. Most are busy feeding but for the next hour they stop by Gato Loco to check us out and jet around the bow.

IMG_4928 [3]IMG_4929 [4]

IMG_3030 [5]DSC_0840 [6]dolphins [7]DSC_0800 [8]

I’ll be adding a Video here soon.

Topping off the day we had 4 fin whale sighting near us and and group of 10 very curious sea lions check us out making the crew very happy. We’ve been very lucky this leg seeing lots of sea life. That’s not always the case.

IMG_3039 [9]

It’s been a few years since we sailed down the Sonoran coast. I’ve forgotten how shallow the water is near Punta Baja. When depths got under 10’ we headed west to put more water under the keels. These shallow waters were full of Portuguese Men of War jellyfish sometimes hundreds around the boat.. No swimming here.

IMG_3045 [10]

Smooth seas and light winds is the flavor of the day. The guys are kickin butt in hearts, each of us taking turns in the lead. Very pleasant afternoon as we watch the mountainous San Carlos coast slowly grow closer.

IMG_3050 [11]IMG_3049 [12]

No sooner getting our anchor down in Las Cocinas (the kitchen) a local fishermen, divers in this case, arrive to sell us 4 nice size lobsters for $200 pesos ($17 USD). It’s Lobster & spaghetti tonight.

IMG_3057 [13]IMG_3056 [14]

IMG_3058 [15]


Before dinner it’s cocktail hour with a different drink for everybody. This crew loves hoppy hour.

The Cocinas anchorage is calm as the sunsets. Weather is a bit warmer.and the water is very swimmable, although I’m the only swimmer.


IMG_3059 [16]





IMG_3060 [17]


.I pose with dinner before Deb pops off the tails and throws them in the pot of boiling water. Yum, Yum.!

Beautiful dinner and a special treat with Dave DJing some of his favorite music from the past. Definitely a sing along night.

Friday April 25th

Another morning to sleep in with only 28 miles to our Soggy Peso anchorage tonight. I made it up early enough to catch the Gerry’s Sonrisa net weather (6:45). I was interested in seeing how leg 2’s weather would be for our Sunday crossing to San Rosalia. Forecast is for wind in the acceptable range for the crossing. Hoping his holds true.

Crew up and off for a beach walk. Today is their last full day on board and they want to make the most of it.

IMG_3066 [18]IMG_3076 [19]IMG_3073 [20]

IMG_3082 [21]


A late breakfast was a nice luxury after passage making on earlier days.


A short day is a perfect way to end Leg 1. We’ll celebrating with our Leg 2 crew mates later today at the Soggy Peso. Could be dangerous.



Below.. Ellen demonstrates exercising on our new Yeti cooler that Jeffrey & Lynie gifted us.. Thank you..

I know you probably hadn’t noticed the cooler.. Dave wants this picture for his screen saver.. Smokin…..



IMG_3083 [22]DSC_0852 [23]

Deb and Terry have been great crew mates keeping us well entertained.

Soggy here we come…

Until the next update..

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