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Winds at our back to Puerto Lobos

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Best day sailing to Puerto Lobos yet. Morning east winds gave us a good motor sail for the first 2 hours. This is a solar wind that can be counted on under normal weather condition and those of us who live in Cholla enjoy this every morning. I’m happy to report that sailing newbees are doing great and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

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Our lucky day.. Unforecasted winds came up 1ish from NW at 15. Cool motors off and punching through 7kts with the music blaring.


3:30, 10 miles north of Lobos a huge pair of fin whales surface 50 meters to starboard. Thank you big guys, although it brings back memories from our whale experience heading from Lobos to Refugio.

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Closer to Lobos and there’s fins everywhere. The crew is very excited .

NW winds all the way to Lobos.


Anchor down in Puerto Lobos at 5:30 with no drama 🙂

Awesome day to start the cruise. Crews reaction… Awesome, Awesome, Awesome day.

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Going to be a early night tonight… Good night from Puerto Lobos..

Until the next update.

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