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Craziness to serenity – Gato Loco departs on the Baja 2014 cruise

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5 Am departure after a noisy (and still noisy) Easter night in Penasco. Now just the hum of the engines as we motor sail at 6.5 kt with the morning east wind.

Post office mug shots or is it the Leg 1 Crew… Debra, Terry, Ellen, RRR Dave and Lowell

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Departing on Easter weekend can be very challenging. Samanta Santa is a huge holiday when Puerto Penasco is full of people with beaches packed and traffic insane.  The hill had hundreds of cars watching the sand drags.

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I said goodbye to Frankie and Neely at 8 a.m. Saturday morning driving to Rocky Point to meet the crew. Neely has sailed with us many a years at 14 she can no longer navigate the boat. We certainly miss her on the boat. An I espceially miss my bride who will be staying home this year to care for Neely.


Dave, and crew made it in 4ish and had the boat provisioned quickly.




Lots of details to finish before departing including attending a wedding in Cholla at sunset.

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Congrats to Will and his new bride Kimberly.

Missing crew was collected from JJ’s Cantina after the wedding. After JJ’s refreshments we made it back to the boat before 10.

Looks to be a fun leg to San Carlos… Puerto Lobos here we come today…

Until the next update

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