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2014 Cruise Plans Unfold

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March 12 the count down starts

IMG_2947 [2]









Life is very busy this year but our time on the Sea of Cortez is very special time not to be missed. It’s time to put things aside and focus on what we all love, adventuring on the Sea. We’ve got a special treat with co-owner Dave and Ellen on the 1st leg along with friends. We’ll be heading to Baja and then back to San Carlos on the first leg. Leg 2 we join friends Jim & Mary Ann and Dave & Kelley on trawler Grey Goose heading with us to Loreto Fest. Jeffery and Lynnie have signed on again this year on leg 2 giving us an experienced crew for the crossing back to Baja and on to Puerto Escondido’s Loreto Fest. Loreto Fest is always a fun gathering of sailors and a good place for Rally crews to meet before we head out together. Here’s info for this year’s Loreto Fest [4].

Seawind Rally Week

IMG_2867-crop [5]

IMG_2938 [6]The Rally is really a Baja rally with many different boats these days. Of course there’s the Seawinds, but other sailboats and trawlers will join us. Ralph and Helen on Moon Drifter and Gato Loco are the anchor boats heading up the Rally every year. Kurt Jerman, our Seawind dealer, along with other multihull brands, joins us as our sponsor.  Kurt will kick off the week with a dinner at Portabella’s Sunday night before we head out on Monday. Some of the Rally crews are hoping to slip away Sunday morning for a round of golf a Loreto Bay.. Let me know if you’re interested in playing. Above is this year’s t-shirt design. There will be regular t-shirts and I hope to be able to supply either short or long sleeve.

Rally Itinerary suggestion

Winds are always a factor so it always subject to change.
Sun – Dinner Portabella’s
Mon – Anchorage some where between Loreto and Isla Carmen, Juncalito, Marcair, Puerto Ballandra
Tue – San Janico (Beach Party)
Wed – Isla Coronado
Thurs – Bahia Salinas
Fri – Auga Verde
Sat – Puerto Escondido

IMG_3039 [7]

Calling for Rally Boats. Let us know if you plan on cruising with us. Shirts will be ordered soon so give me your order asap.. I’ll get the shirt order

Rally boats…. Moon Drifter, Gato Loco, Kat Kan Doo, Outa Here, Maria, Grey Goose  ???? Let me know if you’re in..

Heading to San Carlos Leg 1 Itinerary

Puerto lobos, Puerto Refugio, Bay of LA, Tibiron, Kino, Pozo Moreno, Marina Real

Capture_4 [8]

Heading to Loreto Leg 2 Itinerary

leg 2 2014 [9]

2014 Cruise planning still has some openings

Leg 1 Apr 20 –26 Penasco – San Carlos (Lowell, Dave & Ellen, Bob Burger & friend)
Leg 2 Apr 26 – May 1 San Carlos – Puerto Escondido (Lowell, Frankie, Jeffery & Lynnie)  cruising with Grey Goose with skippers Jim & Mary Ann Mckenney and crew Dave and Kelley
Loreto Fest May 1 – 3
Leg 3 Rally Week May 4 – 10 (Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Carol & Murril & Al)
Leg 4 May 10 – 17 – Loreto area (Bill & Carol)
Leg 5 May 17 – 24 Return Gato Loco to San Carlos (Rick…
Leg 6 May 24 – 31 San Carlos to Penasco (Lowell….        Maybe Victor & Lesley)

Legs 5 and 6 are still not firmed up.

Gato Loco Sailing Adventures on Facebook

We’re going to try a new feature this sailing season. Join us on our Facebook page “GatoLocoSailing Adventures [10]”. Like us and get involved with the cruise through Facebook.

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Until the next update.

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