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Let’s get Baja 2014 Cruise started

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Whales back in Penasco

Soon it will be time to head out on the 2014 Baja adventure. Plans are beginning to gel after a fun musical January Jam weekend with Peacemakers and their musician friends in Penasco this past weekend. Gato Loco has been busy taking friends out whale watching with lots of humpback and fin whale sightings. Our new cover image of Gato Loco following two humpbacks was taken by Marcia Brockmeyer on their baot WonderLust. Thanks Marcia for the fun photo. Recently Mike Clarks news anchor friend from Tucson went out on Gato Loco and filed this video report. Watch Bill and Gill in the report Dan-Marries-Report [2]

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I’ve included some of Carol Martella’s photo’s she’s taken this year. The hood is obsessed with these awesome friends and as long as the whales are in the area Bill is ready to take Gato Loco whale watching.

Cruise Port construction underway.

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Other exciting news is that the proposed Penasco Cruise Port is becoming a reality. Work commenced in December and we attended the official ribbon cutting cerimony this past week. The master plan illustration (right) is pretty spectacular and wouldn’t be expected any time soon but having the infrastructure break water peer in place is definably a good start. That phase is slated to be completed this year. Note you can see Cholla Bay in the upper right corner of the illustration giving you an idea how this is just next door to our Cholla Bay home.

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Huge amounts of rock is being moved from a nearby mountain by the fleet of trucks Frankie posed in photo below.

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Views towards Pensco and Cholla from the peer. Crews stand by during the ceremony waiting for the Sonoran governor to arrive.

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Cruise Details.

The past few seasons we’ve headed directly to Loreto with a 12 day cruise south. This year we’re changing it up a bit by heading down the Sonoran coast to San Carlos breaking the journey to Puerto Escondido into 2 legs. We hope to join friends in San Carlos to head on to Loreto Fest. Kurt, Ralph and I have started talking about the Rally plans. It looks like we might have 6 or 7 boats for Rally week. Kurt’s working to get a Seawind design for this year’s shirt. Ralph and Helen are currently in the Puerto Vallarta area and recruiting other catamarans to join us on the Rally.


Right.. Last years leg 1 crew.. Craig, Lynne and Jeffery taken in the Isla San Marcos Los Arcos..

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First cut on a cruise schedule

Leg 1 Apr 20 –26 Penasco – San Carlos (Lowell, Dave & Ellen..

Leg 2 Apr 26 – May 1 San Carlos – Puerto Escondido (Lowell

Loreto Fest May 1  – 3

Leg 3 Rally Week May 4 – 10 (Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Carol and maybe Murril and Al

Leg 4 May 10 – 17 (Bill & Carol)

Leg 5 May 17 – 24

Leg 6 May 24 – 31 Head back to Penasco

After Leg 4 the schedule is pretty soft with no details yet. All crew changes are on Saturday.

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In preparation for the cruise we’re hauling Gato Loco for a new bottom and some minor keel repair I inflected entering the Penasco harbor. Kelley remembers that day well.

We’re all starting to get excited. As usual there are some sailing opportunities so if you’re interested contact me.  lowell-mcculley@cox.net [15]

More details on the next Update

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