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Rockin the Hudson Revisited

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Cruisin with the Peacemakers on the river Hudson on concert boat The Temptress (July 30, 2007)

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Last July in New York City, our big plans for Saturday night was to go on Hudson River Cruise around the Statue of Liberty listening to Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers on the boat the Temptress.. Friends Rob and his wife Liz joined us and added a lively local New York edge. I love the local accent.

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The 8 of us were able to meet with Roger before the cruise in their tour bus. We have to thank Roger for the all the hospatality. Thank you Amigo, you now have 6 new fans who loved your music. It was a perfect night with forecasted weather not showing and a full moon rising over the city as we cruised back from lady liberty. The Peacemakers had the crowd rocking and crying for more as we arrived back at the dock.

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