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Isla Salspudedes or Bust

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First a little catchup. Last update was sent in a hurry before we lost cell service and I think it would be worth a few more details on out flight and Santa Rosalia. IMAG0245 [2]

Left – “Murril meets the Beast”.. He’s been a bit worried about flying in a small plan, even bought himself a small bottle of tequila in duty free to calm the beast. IMAG0246 [3]





The pilot greased all the take off and landings and the early morning desert was smooth. Murril now likes small planes better than the big beasts.


IMAG0273 [4]

A couple of classic Santa Rosalia photos in front of old mining train and the French bakery. The guy between Murril and Owen just got back from visiting his daughter in New Orleans.

IMAG0277 [5]

IMAG0275 [6]

A quick visit to the landmark Eiffel church for Owen and Murril and then on to provisioning. The big Mercado in Santa Rosalia has just about everything and between it the fruit stand and the liquor store we hope we have what we need. Both Paul and I both find taxi’s to haul things back to the marina and I have to pay my taxi 25 pesos for a never mind.

IMG_3269 [7] Heading north out of the marina winds are light out of the SE as expected. I rushed to get an update out before we loose cell service. Leaving a 3 PM we have a couple of options: sail all night to San Francisquito or if conditions are right (light) we could head to a marginal anchorage at Punta Trinidad 43 miles NW. Rounding Cabo Virgenes the conditions remain light and this fresh crew is not really ready to sail all night so we head for Trinidad with the  reggae  music blaring.. 6ish wind increased at our back to bring in our arrival to Trinidad to 10:30 PM from the original 12:30.

Punta Trinidad

Can you believe it, just after sunset and winds had faded, suddenly swells arrive from the west with no wind?? Soon there after winds at 15tks hit us from the west and we’re out 8 miles.. Decision.. continue or break north.. We’re continuing. We’re this close and condition should be okay as we anchor near shore. 10ish, it’s now totally dark the sliver moon has set and the stars are bright as ever. Sea conditions have smoothed to where we can set on the foredeck and watch the approaching shore. We have a good GPS waypoint for anchoring IMG_3273 [8]and I have double checked it to Google earth. We see the large land mass of Punta Trinidad in the night light and decide we need to tack north to approach the anchorage from the NE to avoid any unseen hazards. Wind is now gusting over 20kts with the low beach giving a clear path for the wind. Not knowing the depth at the waypoint I decide not to venture into water less that 15’.  Anchor down and we’re back to 20’ of water and the anchor is rock solid. We’re still .15 miles from the waypoint but this will have to do for the night. Wind chop waves are pitching Gato Loco a bit but acceptable for the night. 11 PM, we’re done, time to get some sleep.

Tuesday June 10th

We awake and have to laugh at where we’re anchored. We’re still 400 yards from shore and would have had a much more comfortable night if we would have anchored at the waypoint. Just to make sure we hauled anchor and moved to the waypoint finding 10’ over pure sand which would be perfect for Gato Loco. As Paul said… “No harm, No Foul” on where we anchored. Better safe than sorry.

Off the Isla Salsipuedes where hopefully the crew can have a more restful night at anchor.. Salsipuedes is 55 miles north through some of the hottest tidal areas along the coast. Lucky for us tides will turn north around 10:30.

IMG_3284 [9] IMG_3285 [10]

IMG_3286 [11]

12 noon, after fighting the current this morning we’re now flying at 7.5kt with the motors backed down thanks to 2kt current behind us. The crew is sacked out recovering from last nights bumpy night. Owen is determined to catch dinner tonight.

3 PM, looks like we’ll make the island by 5. Winds up and engines off and Murril’s Hawaiian Reggea blaring. Life is real good.

Isla Salsipuedes

P6121801 [12] We checked out the southern anchorage but to ensure a peaceful night we opted to motor to north anchorage with a slot to the south that creates a IMG_3311 [13] IMG_3305 [14]wonderful window to let the wind through. This island is loaded with birds but not one bug unlike Puerto Refugio where we were attacked.

IMG_3307 [15]


Dinner tonight fried ham, egg & cheese sandwiches. Sorry Jeffrey, not quite up to your standards but the crew is tired and we’ve already been sipping the Herradura. 9 PM and lights out..

Wednesday June 12th, Awesome very cool and calm night in the achorage. Just what this crew needed. Owen was up at first light and the rest of us made it up in time for the Ham weather report. Good news, Gerry is forecasting winds in the mid teens from the SE. Time for a quick excursion on the island then off to Bahia de Los Angeles with the wind at our backs.

P6121812 [16]P6121817 [17] P6121803 [18] P6121824 [19] P6121831 [20]P6121838 [21]  P6121798 [22]

Sending this from Bay of LA.. All good here on Gato Loco

Until the next Update.

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