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…and the “Booze Cruise” begins…

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Our Leg began with celebrating Tres’s birthday on our way to San Carlos.  Spent the evening at the Soggy Pesa and Charlie Rocks.  Early flight to Loreto and pure excitement when we saw Gato Loco waiting for us off shore.



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Mike has got our week of the Booze Cruise mapped out with our daily libation.


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Some backgammon on the tramp and a little “jug o marg” for everyone on Margarita Monday.

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We were entertained by a major school of manta rays.  There were as many flying above water as swimming beneath us.

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Had our first encounter with a pod of dolphins – short and sweet – looking forward to more time with them.

To the shores of San Juanico for our visit to the Cruiser’s Shrine . 

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Our message in a bottle…

Safe travels, we made it here.

With light hearted laughter and lots of good cheer.

May your days be blessed with skies of blue

And star filled nights with me and you.




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Thanks previous Leg for the cache of firewood left buried on the beach.  Had a great fire and hot dog roast for dinner.DSC_0586 2 [21] P1010712 [22] DSC_0572 [23]

Back on the boat again…saw lots of sealife today with no cameras handy…..sea lions, rays and whales breaching off in the distance.  Farewell for now….until the next blog Bill and Carol, Tres and Ruthann, and Mike and Liane.  Hi to friends and family xoxo.

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