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Gato Loco’s Dolphin Escort to Mulege

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Bill & Carol have a crew change today in Loreto as Jane & Randy and Peggy & Jerry depart Gato Loco’s leg 3. The new leg 4 crew sailing to Santa Rosalia over the next week is, Mike &  Liane and Tres & Ruthanne. Good luck and happy sailing. Hope you find this pod of dolphins we sailed with near Mulege.

Dolphins play and swim with Gato Loco for more than 30 minutes during Leg 1 of the Baja 2013 cruise

This pod of dolphins join us as we departed Punta Chivato sailing in a 7kt broad reach towards Mulege. No motors, just the wind and the sound of dolphins jetting through the waves in front of Gato Loco. The video was shot with my new GoPro mounted in a boat hook working as a “dip stick”. The dolphins seem to preform for the camera. Enjoy the video.

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