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Fun in the Sun

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          Good Morning from Puerto Escondido!  We say goodbye to Jerry and Peggy today.  This trip has been amazing.  Our Captain couldn’t have done a better job getting us through all the anchorages. 

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Bill has been entertaining this trip.  He battled with killer bees.  He was out of control with the fly swatter.  On a softer side of Bill, he made a new friend and named her Mothia.




At Vee Cove we had fun snorkling.  Our dingy started out to sea without us so Bill sprinted, swam and saved the day and the dingy.


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DSC_0281 [8]The “New Sailors of the Sea”



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The sea was good to us on our cruise from the Vee Cove to Agua Verde.  We saw Whales, Manta’s, sea lions and dolphins.  The whales and dolphins stayed with us for a long time showing off their fun side.  Jerry finally caught a fish but it was a Bonita so he released it back to the sea.



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“Mother, Mother Ocean”~ Thank you for an experience of a lifetime


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We enjoyed Happy Hour at Puerto Escondido until a not so great sailor ran into the Gata Loco.  Here goes Bill again in full sprint to the dingy for a citizens arrest.  No damage to the Gato Loco so Bill let them off the hook.  Nice anchorage again with another round of Okinawa, our favorite card game.   We say good-bye to Our SeaStars and the creatures that we found in the Sea of Cortez…Amazing sailing trip with the Wish List completed ….

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Love to our families and friends…..SEE YOU SOON.

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