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Cruisin with Al media page


Watch our short slide show from our Greece trip! Thanks to Kenny and
Katrina for letting me use their computer to create this show!

Cindy & Steve

http://photoshow.comcast.net/watch/ne3Rh3NC [1]

Murril, Al, John, Carol, Frankie & Lowell in NYC (photo show – 7MB)

http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/NYC.htm [2]

Crew in Athens and the Island of Andros (photo show – 8MB)

http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/athens.htm [3]

Sailing the Soronic Gulf Greek Islands (photo show – 8MB)

http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/islands.htm [4]

Murril, Al, Frankie and Lowell in Rome (photo show – 8MB)

http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/rome.htm [5]

Lowell & Frankie driving in Calabria southern Italy (photo show – 12MB)

http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/calabria.htm [6]

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